MISA presented on Interavto transparent car

In the 9 th International Exhibition "Interavto" National Technological University "MISA" presented a number of developments in the field of nanotechnology for modern and future automotive industry.
According to "STRF.ru", among them anti-additive based on carbon nanotubes, coatings against corrosion, self-cleaning glass and more. Know-how has been demonstrated in the form of a full-size transparent sports car Bugatti.

The University has introduced more than 20 new materials for the automotive industry, including strontium ferrite with nano-and sub-microcrystalline structure for a new generation of magnetic materials used in mikrosilovyh car systems in switches and sensors, fuel level, castings and alloys based on aluminum and a protective coating on the surface for the manufacture of pistons for internal combustion engines and so on.

"You sit down in our sports car around a transparent dome — you feel like a man of the future. You press a button, the screen displays the technology of nano-powder, or cast aluminum, or applying a protective coating by oxidation …" — says author and project manager for the creation of an unusual car- stand "Nanomaterials for Automotive" Natalia Korochenko.

Their stands at the exhibition, more than 700 exhibitors from 17 countries, including Germany, Italy, Korea, China, Poland, Hungary and the United States.

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