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The value of operational decisions in the daily activity of the company is difficult to overestimate: the faster resolved certain issues, the more effective running manager and the better it is for business. But there is another side to the coin: the higher the position and area of responsibility, the greater the flow of information in the course of which need to be, the more diverse the challenges facing the employee, the greater the variety of conferences, meetings, trips. To have time and everywhere, and do not miss the most important, it is possible only by having at its disposal the latest achievements of modern information technology.

When a similar issue arose before commercial service ChTPZ Group, for the solution of the problem took a certified partner — IT company Malachite. She offered a product that allows senior managers to conduct business, having at its disposal all the relevant information, even when they are outside of your home business. The modern manager is not their daily work without mobile communication, you only need to teach these tools to provide the necessary summary information, in this case, to implement the plan of payment receipt inclusions acceptances deals, margins, changes in outstanding accounts receivable, cash flow projections and so on. So the leadership of the commercial service was launched, and the specialists of "Malachite" in October 2011 successfully embodies the idea of "Mobile center head" — the program that provides access to the main indicators of the total commercial services using any electronic devices around the clock from anywhere in the world. This system eliminates the risks of distortion of information, eliminating paper, to provide quick access to necessary information, displaying grouped data management software on the screen of any electronic device. "With the introduction of the" Mobile Center "we have the opportunity to work with sources of information on a completely new level," — said the deputy commercial director Boris Kovalenko. 

At the first stage of implementation of the project "Mobile Center director," was implemented "Screen commercial service", which allows you to see the main indicators, which more than 30 on-line: the balance of cash flows, and the inclusion of shipping on the largest customers, etc. reports. These reports are updated daily and repeated on a particular algorithm. In addition there is an opportunity in the on-line monitor the production process by connecting the webcam to the main shops. In the Moscow office TD "Uraltrubostal" There are four screen, which displays the figures. In the first figure shows the name, for example, the implementation of the management plan for the regional sales inclusions (possibly any other indicator) on the second — rate in the figures, the plan as a percentage, with color indication: Green talks about the plan, and the red that the management is at risk, shows the lag of the targets, and the third is a part of a table where the information signs in more detail (for example, the tonnage of the plan and the fact inclusions forecast for the month) and the fourth is a graphical representation of these data as a chart or graph. In the future, these systems will be installed in Chelyabinsk and Pervouralsk.

In the short term, planned to expand the list of reports and indicators, as well as in conjunction with the Directorate of Economics and Finance CTRP add in key financial results.

The project has been praised by the Director General of CHEP, noting convenient opportunity at any time to connect to the system and quickly assess business performance, analyze, and take corrective action if the situation requires. "The accuracy of information, efficiency and convenience of receiving it through the project" Mobile Center "- this is another advantage of CHEP. And this is not just convenient for us, we are demonstrating to partners and competitors that are in step with the times, and often ahead of the demands of the market "- says Yaroslav wait.

About the Company: IT company "Malachite" is one of the leading developers of enterprise information systems in the southern Urals with 20 successful experience of flying and maintaining systems for managing business processes in large industrial enterprises. Performs quality control systems automation of the main business: the production process, relationships with customers and suppliers, logistics, finance, personnel, etc. Its principal activities include the development of custom enterprise information management systems, implementation of our developed software solutions and integration with existing enterprise system, maintenance and technical support for installed systems, providing consulting services in the field of information technology and administrative management. The range of solutions Malahit to date includes 19 products. Each solution can be acquired and operated either jointly or independently, depending on the needs of the customer and allows you to create a system for full automation of all industrial enterprises, including complex legally and geographically distributed structure. 
Ltd. "Malachite", Chelyabinsk, ul. Maslennikov, 17 b tel.: (351) 253-53-08, 253-53-09


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