Mobile home-transformer on wheels

We offer you a modular home-transformer on wheels from the company Dahir Insaat, Russian engineer who invented Dahir Semenov.

Just one hour a mobile home-transformer on wheels with cylinders,
attached RVD, display and put in a container, trailer and then transported.

Under the cut, see pictures and videos.

There are 2 versions of mobile homes — single-storey (140 sq. m.) And duplex (250 sq. m.)

Wooden walls 15 cm thick reinforced steel plates, so the house retains heat well in all weather conditions.

You can connect to the domestic communications — electricity networks, water supply, etc. The diesel generator and water tanks ensure the autonomy of living.

The modular structure of the house allows the flexibility to design the exterior and interior, as well as separate living areas on request.

Thus, mobile homes transformers on wheels with a comparable cost to conventional houses allow for comfort and mobility simultaneously.

In addition to the individual use home-transformers can be used in trade, military, emergency, etc.

More information can be found in the information Patent (Beware, a lot of text!).

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