Mobile X-ray machine ARA 110/160-01

Bryzgalov: One of the challenges posed to our experts in 2001 — to develop a transportable medical X-ray machine. Known how badly the country is the problem of tuberculosis. According to the project the Ministry of Health is equipping cities large stationary X-ray machine with the relevant requirements of the infrastructure, facilities and training personnel. Our device was initially meant for the village. First of all, it weighs 43 pounds and is easily moved. In addition, a remote control and an extremely simple control system. Anyone, I repeat, anyone can master the use of the apparatus for 10-15 minutes.

In 2002, the X-ray machine ARA 110 160-01 has been certified by the Ministry of Health. Ever since sold more than 200 pieces. In the Siberian village supplied only three.

Gold Medal of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre for the best development of 2002 in the field of medical technology.

Mobile X-ray machine ARA 110/160-01


Used for all kinds of X-ray studies including the skeleton of the chest and abdomen of the teeth.
"ARA 110/160-01" effective:
• In the operating room, intensive care units, trauma, neonatology, and others to conduct studies of patients with limited mobility.
• In small hospitals and rural health centers where the use of expensive and specialized stationary X-ray machines is inappropriate.
• In extreme conditions, in the field of medical items, in the care of non-transportable patients at home.

Quality and versatility. The device provides a consistently high quality of images that require both high-power radiation (images of the internal organs) and low power (dental pictures).
POWER. High power unit has significantly reduced the time of exposure of the image. Reduced radiation dose to the patient.
RELIABILITY. The machine is stable when working in the Russian power with low or unstable voltage. Connects to any single-phase source voltage of 220 volts, including to conventional household outlet with earthing.
The ease of mobility. Light weight of the device — 43 kg, small size and maneuverability wheels make no effort to move the machine. It flows freely in any doorways and elevators, easily overcomes the low threshold step.
COMPACT. The unit can be transported in the back seat or in the trunk of a car.
EFFICIENCY. Translation machine working or transport position without disassembling the structure and disconnect the electric cable for 1-2 minutes.
ANY DIRECTION. The design allows the tripod to focus the radiation beam in any desired direction.
EASY OPERATION. The unit is controlled by a modern microprocessor-based systems organoavtomatiki.
Remote control shooting. The device is equipped with a remote start button picture with a beep.
EFFECTIVE DOSE. In accordance with the requirement of the Ministry of Health, the display indicates the value of dose per patient at the time of the snapshot.


• Optimum get a snapshot is automatically determined after selecting the test body (50 programs), the completeness of the patient by setting the 4th category, focal length (3 levels) and the value of focus (large and small) with an intuitive microprocessor control unit. The selected settings are displayed on the display and can be adjusted manually.
• Programs used organoavtomatiki system can be programmed with the use of X-ray films and other features of the photographic X-ray laboratory.
• Organoavtomatika ensures consistently high quality radiographs. Minimized the learning process of the machine.
• Allows you to control the shooting, at a distance of 12 meters from the unit, including outdoors where the apparatus is located, or through leaded glass. This allows you to eliminate or significantly reduce the exposure of personnel. The inclusion of a picture with a beep.
• Locking the power button snapshot prevents unauthorized or accidental shot hitting again.
EFFECTIVE DOSE. In accordance with the requirement of the Ministry of Health, the display indicates the value of dose per patient at the time of the snapshot.
EARTH. The device detects the presence and quality of ground.
The handset comes in a metal box with pylevlagozaschitnom UDAROAMORTIZIRUYUSCHEY suspension. This ensures safe transportation of the machine for long distances on the road and the safety of the unit by falling from a height of 40 cm

DIGITAL SYSTEM. On the basis of X-ray machine ARA 110/160-01 created a digital X-ray apartment complex allows to carry out the formulation of radiological diagnosis directly in the research process.


TRUCK, allows to produce an x-ray studies in any transaction with a maximum distance from the surgical field;
A STAND FOR IMAGES with cassette holder for taking pictures in any position, including vertical. Light, portable with an arbitrary angle;
Tube for dental images.
The complete set-top box, which allows to translate X-ray images into digital form.

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