Model for integrated forest management in the Altai region is recognized as one of the best in Russia


At a meeting of the Board of Administration of the Territory introduced the concept of forestry development for the period up to 2020.

The meeting of the Council held a Governor of the Altai Territory Alexander Karlin

Concept of Development of Forestry in the region presented the chief of the regional forest management Sergey Samsonenko. The document defines the goals and objectives of the forest industry in the region. "The strategic objective of the Concept is sustainable forest management, adherence to the principles of sustainable, effective and efficient utilization, conservation and protection of forests, reforestation, conservation of the resource, recreational, ecological potential and biological diversity", — said Sergey Samsonenko. In his opinion, it is necessary to improve the system of forest protection, reforestation and protective afforestation.

"Security and protection of forests, increase the effectiveness of prevention, detection and suppression of forest fires is one of the most important activities of the forest industry in the region. In this area, it is important to keep the accumulated experience and unique potential. It's 149 fire-chemical stations, which is not in any region of Russia, more than 380 fire trucks, and most importantly — human potential ", — said Sergey Samsonenko.

As the chief of forest management, Altay second consecutive year for co-financing is participating in the federal program for the acquisition of forest fire equipment. "In 2011, received 29 units of machinery in the amount of 110 million rubles. Up to 20 December 2012 will go to the edge of another 18 units of equipment in the amount of 49.4 million rubles. The effective use of this technology will significantly improve the organization of work on forest fire control, "- he stressed.

The main purpose of the work of reforestation and afforestation protective, according to Sergei Samsonenko is a balance between the rate of reforestation and forest because of the retirement of the factors of natural origin (forest fires, pests and diseases), and human impact.

In 2011, in the Altai region, inventory shelterbelt plantings. "This work is organized by the Administration of the territory within the framework of the revival of forest belts in the region to increase their role in protecting crops against drought and dry winds. It is estimated that in the region should be up to 200 thousand belts. Altay is 100% secured their own planting material for this work. The region has 38 forest nurseries total area of 242 hectares, a rich scientific potential and practical experience. Every year in forest nurseries edge grown to 40 million seedlings of trees. The honorary title of "Forest nursery of high culture" are eight forest nurseries region "- said the head of the forest.

In 2012, the region was put into operation forest breeding and seed center, which will receive high-quality seeds and seedlings with closed root system. Ongoing work will reach a new level of silvicultural and forest seed production.








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