Modernisation of the Su-24 and Tu-22

A unified information system of army-first present at "MAKS-2013"

Aviation system will allow the bombers to get characteristics of fifth generation fighter aircraft

  • A unified information system of army-first present at "MAKS-2013"
  • A unified information system of army-first present at "MAKS-2013"

Photo: Anatoly Rakhimbaev 

The first module of the national automated control system (ACS) will be presented to the troops at the air show "MAKS-2013" at the booth of JSC "Hephaestus and T". For the first time the general public will be shown in action work "brain" of the system — SVP-24 (a specialized computing subsystem) and its ground-based module. According to experts, the introduction of innovative technologies in the interspecific interactions will allow Russia to make a qualitative leap in the strategy of fighting on the ground and in the air.

— The specialized computing subsystem for aviation today is installed on the Su-24 and Tu-22 — told "Izvestia", Deputy General Director of "Hephaestus and T" Dmitry Lomako. — Selection of the optimal trajectory of ammunition and most efficient angle of its supply to the target, maneuvering target tracking, obstacle avoidance and assistance in maneuvering — that's just a partial list of abilities SVP-24. In addition to performing flight tasks, the system is synchronized with ground control modules of the Army.

All information on the conduct of the battle, on the condition and location of troops from a single software integrates the data into the cloud. Data exchange occurs in the system without the aid of speech, to eliminate the possibility of errors due to poor communication and the human factor. By means of an encrypted digital signal in just 0.3 seconds is possible to transmit commands that arrive simultaneously at the displays of control systems of land and air forces.

— All data in the same software on the digital radio signal transmitted by a full-time radio installed on all aircraft. The encrypted information is not in the headphones to the crew, and once in the on-board device, where there are calculations and processing. The result is then fed to the sighting device — said Lomako.

On the "MAKS-2013" automated command and control system will be presented in the current versions of the Su-24 and Tu-22 (SVP-24-22). In addition to the virtual model will be shown in the work of the ground station in conjunction with the actual combat units in the air — helicopter Ka-50 training aircraft L-39.

How to tell the "News" in the company, the modernization taking place in accordance with the concept of unified technology that has considerable economic importance to the defense industry. The transition to a unified information system does not preclude the use of old equipment. So, upgraded bombers, Su-24 and Tu-22 close to that of a fifth-generation aircraft, with full-time sensors are — changing only the "brains" of the aircraft. Application of SVP-24 improves the accuracy in the production of cheap unguided munitions to expensive guided bombs.

— Position the plane determined by the program using digital maps. The system is independent of radar and satellite equipment, the location is determined by regular aircraft sensors and software SVP-24. Altimeter data are compared with those laid down in the maps of the terrain — told "Izvestia" deputy chief designer Mikhail Panin enterprise. — At the moment, these measures of accuracy and reliability can be obtained at any Russian company and as far as I know, no one abroad.

A unified element base allows for interchangeability of components. In addition, the mathematical model can operate the equipment as — automatic analysis of the results of previous trials suggests a need for them in the future. As a result, properly operating equipment remains in service without further checks.

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