Modernization ISS Reshetnev


In one of the most modern production facilities of JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "conducted extensive work on the construction of portals designed for assembly, testing and tuning antennas and solar panels.

In the case of antenna-feeder devices, put into operation in 2011, completed installation of horizontal radio scanner. Installed modern equipment will significantly expand the capabilities of the enterprise in terms of high-precision measurements of the characteristics of large antennas — they can be carried out not only autonomously, but also in the spacecraft. Thanks to the large dimensions of the complex with it will be possible to carry out the work with high-performance antennas for satellite-based heavy platform "Express 2000" developed by JSC "ISS". Equipment with similar dimensions and characteristics of the world, there are only a few copies.

In addition to the assembly and testing of antennas and antenna-feeder devices in the new building provides jobs for the assembly of large solar panels. For this purpose, the system is being installed simulate weightlessness, which will carry out the work with solar panels in the open state, including high-spacecraft "Express-AM5" and "Express-AM6" produced by JSC "ISS".

Housing Opportunities antenna-feeder devices, due to its size and equipment, will allow the assembly and configuration of both a large transformable mechanical systems, thus speeding up the establishment of future spacecraft.


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