Modernization of Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant

August 26, 2008 at Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant was launched new equipment for the production of precision tools required in the manufacture of ammunition. 

Currently Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant continues to upgrade and modernization of tool production. Purchased and installed a unique modern equipment made in the USA, Switzerland, Korea and Germany, which meets the strict requirements for the manufacturing of tools, tooling, dies, molds for the production of high-quality primary rounds.

Currently, the total amount of investments was 124 million rubles, including own funds — more than 30 million rubles. The project re-equipment and modernization of tool production is realized at the expense of own funds and the regional budget.

  Implementation and use of such equipment contributed to the possibility of increasing the volume of business from 2010 to 2011 by 13.8%. For the first six months of 2012 the volume of production increased by 12.1% compared with 2011.

In recent years greatly expanded range of cartridges, rapidly mastered the production of new SKUs — both within the basic nomenclature of ammunition production, and brand new to the business. At the moment, Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant produces more than 150 sporting and hunting cartridges for rifled and smooth-bore weapons. 

All this is possible thanks to the production of high-quality tools for cartridge production, process optimization and skilled personnel of the enterprise. With the increase in production of cartridges in the enterprise has created new jobs. In 2011, there were 43 students in 2012, has already employed 95 people.

In 2013 it is planned to take 56 more people — it fitters, machine operators, supervisors, engineers, and others to work on the equipment of foreign manufacture invited experts (representatives of equipment manufacturers), to train employees in the production process. 

At the moment, the pace of implementation of the investment project is not reduced, and go according to plan. The company plans to complete the modernization of the equipment in the coming years.

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