Modernization of Health Kamchatka

In the children's regional hospital Kamchatka installed a new scanner, which is by far the most powerful in the region. This is — a unique and very valuable acquisition for regional health system. For this purpose has been allocated 55 million rubles in the program "Modernization of the health care system of Kamchatka in 2011-2012", and the means of the regional budget. This amount allowed not only to buy scanner at the best price and quality, but also to do major maintenance, train staff.

As of December 1, 2012 all health facilities in Kamchatka delivered more than 800 pieces of equipment in the amount of 864.2 million rubles. "During the year, the results of the auctions has developed economy — more than 140 million rubles, which made it possible to purchase an additional more than 190 pieces of equipment", reported in the regional Ministry of Health.

Also, in the framework of other regional target programs were purchased medical equipment, furniture, technical equipment. Total for this purpose from the consolidated budget has been allocated an additional 58.9 million rubles.


The modern method of beam diagnostics, allowing for cross-sectional images of any area of human slice thickness of 0.5 mm to 10 mm, to assess the state of the target organ and tissue localization and extent of the pathological process. Tomograph company "General Electric", set in a children's regional hospital, making the cut 64. The Imager is designed to diagnose 100 people a month. According to the testimony will be taken on the research not only children but also adults.

The auction for the supply of equipment, "turn-key" was held in 2011. It won the Moscow company "Medtorgservis", which carried out the overhaul of the former warehouse converted the hospital and placing them under the scanner. In addition, the company held equipment installation and training.


At present, in the Kamchatka region commissioned day 22 ultrasound machine, received 26 units of endoscopic equipment. For the care of infants born with extremely low birth weight infants received 49 units of life-saving equipment. Received 58 units mechanical ventilation, 33 units of X-ray unit.

All medical equipment supplied to the region, operated and is in working condition.

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