Modernization of Medicine in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The federal program to modernize health care in Russia's 2 nd year. During this time, the edge was 14 billion rubles. Some of the money went to the repair of hospitals — now capitally repaired 90 institutions, and some — for equipment, which is particularly lacking in the areas of the province.

The main objective of modernization — to make quality and affordable medicine. Not to carry patients from villages to the regional center, are inter-district, where the specialist qualifications, and the technique is also at altitude. And the first results are already there. The birth rate in the province for the first time in the last few years has exceeded the mortality rate.

In the 1st Municipal Hospital of Krasnoyarsk, a new technique. It is capable of supporting life toddlers size of a human palm.

Before it was only possible in the Perinatal Center. Equipment purchased under the federal health care modernization.

12 kids, all of them are premature. In the 1st Municipal Hospital of Krasnoyarsk they nursed from the first seconds of life. This "Thumbelina" weighs only 700 grams, the doctor said Irina Kuznetsova. Thanks to the modernization program at the clinic appeared 11 modern infant incubators in which the child receives the atmosphere proximal to the one that was in my mother's belly. One of them is now the baby.

Irina Kuznetsova: "In the past, too, kept the temperature of the incubators, but they did not have the ability to create high humidity, there is no precise control of temperature and humidity. And also there are X-ray cassette, which allows you to do x-rays, taking her children "

Coming into the world for 3 months ahead of time, the children can not breathe and eat themselves. If time does not connect them to a ventilator, they may die or remain sick for life. The new German technology adapted to even the tiniest patients.

Irina RUMYANTSEV: "The new ventilators to breathe help kids weighing only 500 grams. Previous apparatus to do it just could not — because of the small weight of the baby they did "not seen" and the sensors did not feel the breath of the child "

Vyacheslav Dobretsov: "It provided equipment in Achinsk — CT scanner. Acquired X-ray technician in Ermakov. We delivered ultrasound equipment in central or Minusinsk "


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