Modernization of power grid facilities of Sochi entered the stage of completion

In preparation for the Olympic Games FGC UES builds, upgrades and remodels 33 main power grid facilities in the Sochi region. Currently, 27 sites have already been put into operation, 2 more objects placed under the operating voltage of 4 construction works are completed.

In addition, the coordination of a draft law on making the area of responsibility of JSC "FGC UES" 3 more new power distribution network 10 kV for power sports and tourist complex "Mountain Carousel" and the Olympic ski jumping complex K-125 and K-95.

To increase the reliability of the power of the Sochi region provides for the construction and reconstruction of 4 more objects that are not included in the Olympic program — 220 kV Shepsi, Vardane Dagomis, 220 kV Shepsi — Dagomis. The introduction of new and modernization of existing power facilities will create the conditions for reliable power supply of the Sochi region for the long term.  

"Kubanenergo" has been appointed executive in charge of the construction and renovation of 16 facilities, including 110 kV Cherry, Spring, Bytha, Vereshchagin. Total power input objects — 340 MVA, they primarily provide consumers of electricity. Also under construction 9 lines of 110 kV lines with a total length of 191 km (including 156 km of overhead lines and 35 km of cable lines), construction and reconstruction of the city distribution network of 0.4-10 kV with total length of 727 km in the five districts of Sochi, construction of a production base area of Krasnaya service and electricity substations. To 6 objects have the permission of Regional Development for commissioning. Of linear objects commissioned overhangs of 110 kV overhead transmission lines to Adler CHPS, which allowed for transmission of power of the main "Olympic" power plants, completed most of the work of reconstruction of the 110 kV line Psou — Adler — Kudepsta — Host, which will deliver electricity from power 220 kV Psou consumers Adler and Hostinsky areas. Construction of the remaining 110 kV transmission line will be completed in October 2013

Today, with the modernization of the main high-voltage grid is almost completed, the priority was the reconstruction of the distribution network. To quickly to complete the construction and reconstruction, and provide staging under stress at the time of the updated objects in Sochi directed staff of the subsidiaries of OAO "Rossetti" and the branches of "Kubanenergo". Power engineering subsidiaries "Rossetti" had to upgrade the 160 objects — 148 transformer substations (TS) and 12 distribution points (RP) in all areas of the city. To date, most of the planned reconstruction of the objects has been completed. Specialists "Kubanenergo" was tasked to conduct maintenance and repair of all equipment of a distribution that is not included in the Olympic program or investment. Today these works are basically completed: two months with the participation of staff seconded to Sochi repaired 560 TP and RP, 99 of 6-10 kV, 356 kV 0.4.

According to Andrew Gerasko, director of the branch of "Kubanenergo" Sochi ES, the Olympic program of social construction of power-oriented, its main task — to bring power to consumers Sochi to a new level.

In addition to the Olympic project, in September 2012 and MES South "Kubanenergo" implementing a program of priority, medium-and long-term measures to improve the reliability of power supply Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region. As director of the Sochi PMES Nikolai Ivankov, these measures will help to solve the outstanding problems for many years in Sochi power grid complex. Today, the joint work of the Sochi Sochi Electric PMES and has already produced tangible results. In particular, the Sochi PMES repaired 728 units of 110-220 kV substation equipment, ensure reliable operation of relay protection and automation, communication equipment at 110-220 kV substations, as well as to service the fire tanks and automatic fire extinguishing systems. Large-scale work on power lines — poles with reinforced base of 220 kV Central — Dagomis located in the landslide zone, carried out repair of five 220 kV. Sochi ES put into operation after the upgrade of 110 kV Alpine and Macesta will repair more than 100 aerial cable, repair equipment at 33 TP and RP, replaced 30 complete TA.

Joint emergency reserve was replenished 19 diesel generator sets (DGS), high power, and 13 DSU relocated from the Stavropol PMES. For the period of peak loads and to perform emergency recovery and repair purchased 2 domestic mobile modular substation that can temporarily replace a stationary object.

The high professional level of operation of new energy facilities Sochi energy demonstrated during a series of test events of the winter season 2012-2013,. Since the beginning of October 2012 until the end of April 2013 Energy worked on high alert. Smooth working of Power appreciated not only the first person grid complex, but also representatives of the International Olympic Committee.

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