Modernization of public health: the plan of the current year for the repair performed by more than 70 percent of the Orenburg region

Strengthening the material-technical base of medical institutions — the largest and most time-consuming area of the program to modernize health care. In the current year for capital repairs to area hospitals 1.3 bln rubles.

Construction companies are working on the 125 sites, 57 mi hospitals. Renovated offices, blocks, housing.

Pursuant to this section in the whole region is more than 70 percent. The first objects began repaired in June. The plan this year to overhaul should be completed by December.

Some hospitals are already 100 percent fulfilled the plan for 2011. This CRH areas: Adamovsky (refurbished surgical and children's departments), Ai (Obstetrics Department, children's clinic), Tashlinskaya (children's clinic), Kvarkensky (Department of Surgery), Sakmarsky (maternity, baby, surgical departments).

A number of health facilities completed overhaul of the individual objects. For example, orchane completed renovation of the surgical department of the 6th city hospital and clinics 4th city hospital.

Refurbished offices in a number of planned CRH Novosergievsky, Saraktash, Sol-Iletskogo, Svetlinsky, Totskii, Perevolotsk, Grachevsky, Tyulgansky areas.

Repair of prenatal Mednoogorsky central city hospital.

Nearing the end of repair work in the Operating Room Jasnensky CRH total area of 500 square meters, housing 82 children's beds municipal perinatal center of Orenburg, etc.

All repaired items consistent with the modernization program of health care.

In each municipality set up commission to control the quality of repair work. They are headed by the heads of municipalities. Execution of works is under the control of Governor George Berg.

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