Modernization of rockets Blue, will increase the efficiency of the fleet is 2.5 times

"The new version of the missile will be called" liner "and will be used on the same submarines as" Blue, "and its predecessor, — he said. — In this case, if the "blue of the" can carry four warheads, the "Liner" — 10, so the combat effectiveness of the fleet will increase more than doubled. "

According to the representative of the fleet, "Liners" will need to, as long as the boat the next generation — Project 955 "Borey" with missiles "Mace" — are taken into service and under construction, "the naval strategic forces of Russia were up to date and if necessary adequately confront possible threats of a potential enemy. "

In this case, the Navy reported that the terms of modernization of the "Blue," is not set correctly — the update process will be gradual missiles by 2020.

Earlier, Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky said that "liner" will put on all the boats Project 667 — "Dolphin" and "Squid". 

In the State Rocket Center (SRC) Makeyev, which developed the basic missile R-29 and its subsequent modifications — "Blue," and "liner", said that after the modernization of the missile can be used on all the boats 667-year project.

"Weight and dimensions of all missiles of the same type. And the "Liner" can be installed in the mine from the "Blue," or any other of the R-29. However, to use the new missile will have very little to upgrade a boat: to improve the management system and electronic stuffing associated with a missile. But it's not a very large amount of work that can be done during the next scheduled maintenance ", — said the representative of SRC Makeyev.

According to him, the whole complex has remained the same, the developers have changed only the "head" of the rocket and increased the number of combat units from four to ten. The cost of upgrading each missile range from 40 million to 60 million rubles, depending on the missile system.

Team Advisor Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation, the former chief of staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Viktor Esin has called this upgrade "moderate" caused by the desire of developers to promote their rocket direct competition which is the new "Bulava".

"Do not forget that the life of the submarines of Project 667 that host complexes" Blue, "will expire sometime in 2020. What will happen to these boats on, no one yet knows. And without a boat launch will not be necessary, "- said Esin. 

However, the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sivkov sure that the modernization of "Blue," is necessary.

"With timely repair of a boat can be operated for several decades. Therefore, the year 2020 — is not the limit for the 667-year project, "- said Sivkov.

The "Blue," he said, much larger capacity "Bulava", so the desire to keep this development is quite natural, write "News".

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