Modernization of the Admiral Nakhimov

Blog BMPD reports that OAO "PO" Sevmash "placed on the official Online procurement of certain types of legal entities interesting data on repair and modernization of the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Project 11442 serial number 802 ("Admiral Nakhimov"
former "Kalinin"). According posted June 27, 2013 information (links to pages with data procurement here and here), A government contract to perform these works was signed between the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the "Sevmash" on April 17 of this year, with the number R/1/1/0122/GK-13-DGOZ. In support of its execution a prime contractor was signed two contracts with JSC "Northern Design Bureau" (SPKB).

 Under the terms of the former SPKB should develop a technical upgrade project cruiser. The design shall be commenced not later than one month after the signing of the agreement after receiving the advance payment and approval of the tactical and technical specifications, the work must be finished within 21 months.

Execution of the contract is divided into four phases, the first of which is expected SPKB works directly on the actual development of the project, with 50% of the amount of work to be executed after 7 months of their commencement and completion of the project — a year. The second stage provides support counterparty designer works, and the fourth — the actual data in the volume of the three sub-steps, expiry dates coincide with the completion of all work under the contract. At 15 months of the work should be an examination of the developed project, the third phase.

The proposed design bureau and consistent representation of military development cost of the project, according to the attached protocol negotiation price will be 2.794 billion rubles. This price is indicative only, fixed price agreed upon only by the Phase 1 (direct project development) in the amount of 392 million rubles. The preliminary cost of inspection of the project will be about 50 million rubles., The bulk of funding is counterparty to work — almost 2.2 billion rubles. Fixed price of each stage should be agreed no later than one month prior to their completion.

The subject of the second contract is technical and project support the repair and modernization of the cruiser, after which he will be assigned a project number 11442M. The work was planned to begin in July of this year and be completed in late 2018 broken down into six stages, the relevant calendar year. Estimated price of works is 986 million rubles., While this year the amount of funding will be only 17 million rubles, and the next is planned cash provided by contract from 182 to 201 million rubles annually.

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