Modernization of the BMD-1

The site published a new tender procurement of the Ministry of Defence. Expected to overhaul the modernization of 135 airborne combat vehicles version of BMD-1 BMD-2 and BMD-2K.

BMD-2, BMD-2K should provide a resource set in the amount of the guarantee hours (3000 km run, 500 m / h the engine), the warranty period (5 years) or 5 landing within the warranty developments.
Of the differences from older versions of BMP-2 in the upgraded machine can note the presence of the radio station R-168-25U-2 stabilizer arms 2E36-6.

According to the published price of upgrading a single machine will cost no more than 14,636,290 rubles. The calculation is made on the basis of the offer, LLC "Volgograd VgTZ engineering company" engaged in the development and manufacture of amphibious vehicles.

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