Modernization of the plant ALNAS

Almetyevsk enterprise "Reamers," plant "ALNAS", brought to the design capacity of the latest Japanese equipment «Mori Seiki».

Performance of turning and milling complexes «Mori Seiki» three times the power used at the plant shestishpindelny semi-automatic, with a significant increase of quality indicators. Eight of turning and milling Japanese machines have replaced 12 older machines HEINEMANN. Thus, the maximum effect from the launch of new manufacturing facilities in operation will increase the rates for the production of parts in half. The cost of the new equipment automata shop has exceeded 100 million rubles.


As part of an ongoing program to modernize the plant Almetyevsky Japanese company «Mori Seiki» started manufacturing the second batch of equipment — four processing systems for automatic production plant. Delivery of the second installment is due in September 2013.

"The main objectives of the comprehensive modernization of the plant" ALNAS "is the creation of modern production involves increasing capacity by 50% to 9,500 pump units a year at its portfolio of products, increasing the efficiency of production and culture change. Updated Equipment automaton workshop of the main body of the company is one of its key stages. In the summer of 2013 will be commissioned in the German automated casting line «Laempe». As part of the modernization of social infrastructure was put first stokvartirny house corporate housing project "Perspective", and completed construction of the first educational center "of the future College of Tatarstan", "- says CEO" ALNAS "Gennady Bukhari.

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