Modernization of the power unit number 7 on Nazarovskaya GRES (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

On Nazarovskoy GRES (branch of JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)" began the active phase of the implementation of investment projects on modernization of the unit number 7. In April, the station began dismantling the first housing boiler P-49.


Major preparatory work was carried out in March. Has now been dismantled augers boiler slag removal system, is preparing to dismantle the thermal insulation of the furnace and boiler convective mine.
This is part of a project on reconstruction of unit number 7, aimed at increasing the installed capacity, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the equipment. Installed capacity number 7 will be increased to 15 MW and will reach 415 MW.

It is planned to almost complete replacement of the boiler heating surfaces, and it is more than 2 million tons (including the furnace, convection part, tail surfaces). In addition, the boiler will be transferred to the advanced technology of low-temperature swirl combustion of solid fuels. Modernization of the equipment will improve the efficiency of fuel combustion and significantly reduce harmful emissions into the environment.
As a result of re-equipment to increase boiler efficiency and greatly improve its characteristics. The total steam boiler system housings P-49 will reach at least 1400 t / h with rated steam.
In addition to technical upgrading the boiler is planned to reconstruct the turbine K-500-240.
The planned completion of the project — in November 2012. Work on the power plant Nazarovskoy maintained in accordance with the timetable agreed with the System Operator, and will not affect the supply of heat and electricity to the citizens.
Currently, the dismantling operations involved 105 people from 10 subcontractors. In the near future the number of workers will be increased to 300.
Nazarovskaya plant — production branch of JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)", is one of the largest providers of electricity in the market. The installed power capacity — 1210 MW. Installed thermal capacity — 870 Gcal / h Nazarovskoy power plant equipment includes 6 power capacity to 135 MW and one unit of 400 MW, 12 boilers with capacity of 250 t / h boiler and 2 to 650 t / h The station operates mainly in condensing mode, producing mainly electricity, but it can run in heating mode. The main fuel used Nazarovskogo cut brown coal, which is located 5 km from the station.

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