Modernization of the refining capacity in Russia

In Russia, a constant modernization of refining capacity. In 2008-2010. in the modernization of refinery oil companies have invested 177 billion rubles.

During this period it was built 6 new and renovated 10 existing plants for the production of high-quality motor fuels at refineries VICs. The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation in 2010-2011. has prepared a package of measures and incentives for the modernization of refining capacity, the implementation of which creates system conditions to enter the industry to a new level. This tax regime 60-66, which stimulates the production of high-quality motor fuels for the domestic market, increasing the excise tax on gasoline and the introduction of low-quality discount factor for high-quality, changes in the Code of Administrative Offences involving a system of financial penalties for failure to perform the depth of oil refining, as well as making changes in fuel technical regulations.

In particular, according to the calculations mode "60-66" will promote investment vertically integrated oil companies in the development of secondary refining processes. At the same time, the profitability of the budget and inefficient mini-refinery will decrease considerably, and the lack of capital intensity of the business of the latter in the medium term would contribute to their closure. Thus, the introduction of the tax regime "60-66" will stimulate the modernization process in the refining industry, creating favorable conditions for economic development of the production of light petroleum products.

Implementation of the program of modernization of refining capacity, launched in 2011, involves a qualitative leap in the development of the industry. In the period of 2011-2015. expected a significant investment in upgrading: the oil companies plan to invest about $ 1 trillion rubles.

The modernization of refineries (refinery) for the period up to 2020 the oil companies will realizovanarekonstruktsiya and construction of 124 units of secondary processes at the refinery, declared in the four-party agreement between the FAS Russia, Russian and Rosstandart. Plant construction is designed for a period of 4 to 5 years to perform three consecutive stages of design work, activities, procurement of technological equipment (basically a long production period), construction, installation and commissioning.

In accordance with this plan, in 2011, introduced the 6 units (including 1 new reconstruction and 5), and the construction of a new installation is completed ahead of schedule. In 2012 the planned construction and renovation of a total of 20 units of secondary refining (including 10 new and 10 reconstruction). In 2013, planned to put 20 units (of which 16 were new and reconstruction of 4), in 2014, planned to put 25 units (23 new and 2 reconstruction), in 2015, planned to put 17 units (17 new and 4 reconstruction), in 2016 — 2020. planned to put 36 units (36 new).

Monitoring data from the Russian Energy Ministry show that the implementation of all phases of construction and reconstruction of refineries in 2012 as a whole is in accordance with established deadlines and has a positive trend.

In 2012, plans to put into operation 10 new plants for recycling of oil, including 2 of the isomerization, alkylation unit 1, 3 hydrotreating gasoline catalytic cracking, hydrocracking units 1, 3 hydrotreating diesel. Thus already in operation 2 Position: hydrotreating catalytic cracking gasoline at the refinery of "Slavneft — YANOS" power of 870 thousand tons per year and diesel hydrotreater at the Kirishi refinery (OJSC "Surgutneftegaz") with capacity 2,000 tons per year.

In the second quarter of 2012, according to the schedule, it is expected commissioning of hydrotreating of diesel fuel and gasoline catalytic cracking unit at the Omsk Refinery (OAO "Gazprom Neft — LFS") capacity of 3,000 tons per year and 1,200 tons in year, respectively. In the third quarter of 2012, according to the plan of "Bashneft", there will be commissioning the alkylation unit at the refinery Novoufimsk, for the project construction and installation work has been completed by 45%.

In parallel with the construction of new plants in 2012 is planned to complete the reconstruction of 10 plants for recycling of oil, including 3 for catalytic reforming, hydrocracking unit 1 and 5 of diesel hydrotreating units, 1 of the catalytic cracking process. In this case, the reconstruction of 2 units has already been completed: a catalytic reforming unit at the Angarsk and I-st stage of the catalytic cracking unit at the Omsk refinery. According to the plan works on the 2nd Position: diesel hydrotreater at the Saratov Oil Refinery (commissioning performed by 50%) and catalytic reforming at the Komsomolsk refinery (start-up operations carried out on 25%).

According to the Russian Ministry of Energy monitoring, in accordance with the plan of going for the reconstruction and construction of 40 plants, commissioning of which is planned for the period 2013? 2015. Plant construction of secondary processes, commissioning of which is scheduled for the years 2016-2020, mainly in the planning stage or basic design.


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