Modernization of the Russian air command posts


Report The Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after Myasishcheva for 2011 contains some interesting data as the outcome of and the prospects for the next three years. The main programs implemented EMRs in the modernization of the state defense order is a special aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft, created on the basis of IL-18.


Il-22M11 RA-75925 after upgrading them to the EMR. Myasishcheva 


Modernization of the air command posts IL-22 is held in two directions.

The first direction — Repair it with the refurbishment of aircraft modification Il-22M11, Aircraft equipped with a relay node (Surt) "Falcon", conducted by EMR from the beginning of the 2000s.

Thus, according to the official websites of government procurement in 2008 was assumed to surrender after the upgrading of the aircraft with registration number RA-75924, and in 2009 — RA-75920, for which the total cost of work performed was more than 167 million rubles. According to reports of EMRs in 2010-2011 were carried out work on the modernization of the IL-22M11 with registration number RA-75925. State contract for their performance was concluded with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation 19 April 2010 under number 320/6/16-E0Z. In 2010, the aircraft was put into repair, held dismantling, manufactured kits of parts to finalize the aircraft, made installation onboard complex means of retransmission (BKSR), the cost of these works is 30 million rubles. In 2011, this aircraft ground tests were conducted onboard systems and BKSR and preliminary joint testing, after which the aircraft was handed over in operation. The amount of funding in 2011 amounted to 98 million rubles. Based on the report's EMR for 2011 forward work plan, the BBC last year Il-22M11SURT "Falcon" is likely to be the last, following refurbishment of the present embodiment.


  • A prototype Il-22PP
  • A prototype Il-22PP

A prototype Il-22PP

The second direction work on the modernization of the Communist Party of IL-22 is the repair and modernization of the aircraft-jamming, and passing air reconnaissance Il-22PP conducted under the ROC "Porubschik." Government contract to perform this work has been concluded between the EMR and the Ministry of Defence 8 November 2009 for number 93032, work on it began in 2010, when was the dismantling of previously installed equipment in the experimental plane, started the development of design documentation, made kit for mounting equipment Jammer (AARP, the product L-415). Total work was carried out at 201 million rubles. In 2011, the flight model was made AARP, modified plane for placement of AARP AARP and installation is made on it (it was, judging by the pictures spotterskim, the aircraft with registration RA-75903), began flight tests. The amount of funding for these works amounted to 210 million rubles. Apparently, RA-75903 will become proficient instance, in a modernized Il-22PP. Execution of works on modernization of the first serial boards are planned for 2012-2013, the second and third — for 2013-2014, the


 In addition to work on the modernization of aircraft such as IL-22, EMP traditionally performs their services — architectural and technical supervision, assessment of technical condition of the aircraft, a bulletin of the designated service life extension, works on the extension of the designated service life (NAC) aircraft and their aggregates.

In 2011, a contract for the performance of their first time was not concluded directly with the Ministry of Defense, and with "Aviaremont." Despite the change in contracting schemes, concluded it was traditionally late — only July 11 (№ 1217/PRO-S-2011). The cost of completed works in 2011 amounted to 35 million rubles. A year earlier, the amount of funding on a similar agreement was 17.8 mln. Then there was the complex of works on the extension of the NSS five planes — Il-22 RA-75914 for 7 years, Il-22M11 RA-75917 and IL-22M11-RT RA-75911 for 5 years (all three in the course of the extended overhaul at 20 RHA in the town of Pushkin), IL-22 RA-75910 for 2 years, Il-22M11 RA-75906 — 1 year.


By 2010, EMP them. Myasishcheva was performed modernization electronic reconnaissance aircraft IL-20M in two R &D — the "Monitor" and "Anagram". 

On the ROC "Monitor" (common name ROC "Monitor-IL") from publicly available sources and the Internet as the information is extremely scarce, but we know that when it was upgraded plane carrying the serial number 17511706. Renowned aviation user headings Alexei Koval after some analysis and synthesis of available information has come to the conclusion that the aircraft was conceived as part of the dual-use "Monitor" (2005), which by the end has yet to be realized. As part of her companions been developing NPO. Khrunichev, except airplanes and a helicopter was planned to have a component — this is the data in one of the annual reports of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile. 

  • IL-20 R &D "Monitor"
  • IL-20 R &D "Monitor"


Below is a photo of two Il-20M, one of which probably was upgraded by OCD "Anagram"

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  • Il-20M
  • Il-20M
  • Il-20M
  • Il-20M



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