Modernization of the Vologda Eye Hospital

For the first time in 35 years in the medical facility was a major overhaul of the operating unit. For repairs and new equipment has been spent over 15 million under the federal target program "Modernization of public health."

Repair Eye Hospital — the event for the region is very significant because it is the only medical facility in the Vologda region, which is the surgical care to patients with diseases of the organs of vision. Every year it is being treated about 6,000 patients (adults and children), conducted over 4 thousand surgeries.

Repairs in the Operating Room began in late August 2011. During the year the room has undergone a sea change. Redevelopment was completed, installed new windows and doors, replaced plumbing, floor and wall tiles, electricity, water and air.

"In the course of operating the air for an hour 10 times changes— Proudly told reporters during a tour of the Operating Room chief doctor of the hospital Sergey Zelencov. — The new system of air decontamination increases the safety of the intraocular operations ".

To help physicians new equipment: a modern computerized operating microscope and examining the fundus, the apparatus for intraocular surgery, as well as comfortable operating tables.

"The modern microscope can operate not only on the anterior segment — this is the most frequent operation, cataract and gloukoma, but also on the posterior segment of the eye — is the fact that the fundus is located. In a conventional microscope does not see "— Explains the head of the second branch of microsurgical Michael Loginovskiy.

If doctors are happy with the new equipment, the nurses proud renovation of the premises.

"Do not compare what was to repair, and what happened after. Everywhere beauty and order, no cracks anywhere, clean, normal heating, ventilation is normal. The soul is calm "— Shares his impressions theater sister Irina Korobov, 35 years working in the ophthalmic hospital.

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