Modernization of Uglich HPP (Yaroslavl region). 01.12.11

On 1 December 2011 the installed capacity of Uglich HPP up 10 MW. In accordance with the program of modernization and reconstruction of RusHydro, at the station, celebrated last year 70 years old, hydraulic unit number 2 has been replaced with a new more powerful.


On the basis of the act of remarking rated power HA number 2 has increased from 55 MW to 65 MW. Accordingly, the installed capacity of the Uglich plant rose to 120 MW, and of Upper Cascade Hydroelectric Power Station to 466.4 MW. In comparison, a small village with a population of 1,000 people required about 4 MW.
The contract for the replacement is made by the Austrian company Voith Hydro GmbH &Co. KG. Replacement project was designed hydraulic Voith Hydro GmbH &Co. KG together with JSC "Institute Hydroproject." The new hydraulic unit, made by modern technology, has the greater efficiency has improved performance and meets all safety and security requirements. Standard term of operation of the unit is increased to 40 years, 10 years longer than the old GA.
From 23 to 26 April 2011 hydraulic unit number 2 was integrated testing before being put into service acceptance committee of the branch. The corresponding operating permit has been issued RTN. By October 1, was successfully completed testing program HA number 2 for a formal opinion on increasing capacity. During testing, the operating personnel and the personnel of production and technical service, service process management systems performed control experiments and examinations turbine, hydro generator, turbine controller, oil pressure unit, the installation of air pumping systems, industrial water systems, excitation and protection systems and accessories. Based on the evaluation tests signed the act of remarking the Uglich hydroelectric power plant number 2, and set the new values of its technical characteristics.
Upper Volga HPP Cascade combines the Rybinsk and Uglich hydroelectric power station and is a branch of JSC "RusHydro". Annual electricity generation stations of the branch is 1.2 billion kWh At Uglich power plant has 2 units. The station began producing electricity in 1940. The first of six units of Rybinsk power plant was connected to the grid in November 1941. In 1955, the two stations were combined into a single entity — "Cascade of HPPs number 1 Mosenergo". In 1993, at the time of incorporation the name was changed to the "Cascade of Upper power plant". From 1 July 2004 Upper Volga HPP Cascade entered the Hydro company VoGEK, and with 9 January 2008 became a branch of JSC "RusHydro". For 70 years, both upper Volga hydropower produced more than 80 billion kilowatt-hours

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