"Ltd."Industrial Metals"Located in Bratsk, Irkutsk region, is the enterprise, carrying out the production of cast iron, cast steel and heating equipment. Production of a wide range and high quality of products provided by high-tech equipment and manufacturing facilities.

The production base "Industrial Metals" includes foundry and mechanical assembly production.


Foundry production is carried out through a set of melting equipment, which includes electric arc and induction crucible furnaces with capacity of 500 kg. up to 3000 kg. and able to produce steel, iron and non-ferrous castings of up to 600 tons per month.

As part of the equipment is also used automatic molding line type PAL-6 for the production of castings in raw forms of weight from 5 to 5000 kg and investment casting type LGM.

They are used for the production of HTS installation cold-mixes for cores and molds, equipment for surface treatment of parts — shot-blasting, shot blasting and sandblasting, allowing us to achieve a high degree of surface finish.


Heating systems


Production of heating systems is primarily a mobile transportable boiler of various sizes and capacities.

Today, "Industrial Metallurgy" produces:                                                             
 — boilers for solid fuels such as KMT capacity to 17.5 MW              
— boilers fired with liquid fuels such as CAT — capacity up to 5 MW,           
—  boiler operating on gas fuel type CAT-capacity 7.6 MW.

All boilers are equipped with modern automation systems and security alarm sound.
The area of application of boiler plants, the company that produces this industrial zone on the development and extraction of minerals, remote areas of living of the population, territory with difficult climatic conditions. Heating plants produced "Industrial metals" have proven to be reliable sources of heat working in the most difficult conditions.


Heating equipment

Manufacture of heating equipment is one of the key activities "Industrial Metallurgy." List of products manufactured by the enterprise in this sector is quite extensive and includes the following range:
-steel plate hot water boilers for solid, liquid and gas fuels such as VC-3. Nominal heat output boilers are made in the next dimension line: Boilers for solid fuels — 0.3 MW, 0.7 MW, 1.25 MW boilers using liquid fuel — 0.6 MW, 1.25 MW, 1.9 MW , gas-fired boilers — 0.6 MW, 1.25 MW, 1.9 MW.                                                              

— tubular steel hot-water boilers for solid fuels nominal heat output of 1.16 MW.

— cast iron hot water boilers for solid fuels such as "brotherly" and boilers domestic purposes. Nominal heat output boilers are made in the next dimension line: 16.5 kW, 23 kW, 29.5 kW, 36 kW, 42.5 kW, 49 kW, 55.5 kW, 0.715 MW, 0.8 MW and 1.33 MW .

— electric hot water boilers type ECV with cabinets and control panels, voltage of 0.4 kV. By power boilers are made in the next dimension line: 10 kW, 16 kW, 25 kW, 40 kW, 63 kW, 100 kW, 160 kW, 250 kW, 400kW, 1000kW.

— mechanical stokers, to work with boilers capacity from 0.6 to 1.4 MW. Furnaces are manufactured under the nominal heat output 0.8 MW and 1.45 MW.
— Burner automated pneumatic low pressure liquid fuel. The burners are made under the following dimension line of rated output: 0.8 MW, 2.2 MW, 2.9 MW.
— device for mechanized coal supply. As these devices the company produces and distributes skip hoists.
— mechanized devices ash. As these devices the company produces and distributes scraper conveyors.





Mechanical assembly production

Production of non-standard equipment are built in mechanical assembly production. The company has a fleet of modern equipment including a metal-forming group, welding equipment, guillotines for cutting metal, three roll bending machine (drums), press brakes and gas cutting equipment, including equipment for plasma cutting software. All this allows to produce non-standard industrial equipment on customers' drawings for various purposes and any complexity, including attachments for various types of manufacturing equipment, processing systems and dosing of different materials and many other types of non-standard equipment for various purposes.





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