Modernized A-50U aircraft entered service with the Russian Air Force

Upgraded multi-purpose aircraft airborne patrol, detection and guidance of A-50U entered service with the Air Forces of the Russian Federation, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", with reference to Air Force spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik.

"The program of commissioning involves flying aircraft in the terminal area, health check-board communication systems, power supply, the engines and on-board multi-functional complex watch and guidance" — Drik said.
According to him, in February, A-50U will take part in a training flight with fighter aircraft on the plan of combat training. Aircraft A-50U in 2012, will take part in all the major exercises of the Armed Forces.
Modernized A-50U is unparalleled in Russia on a saturation complex avionics, powerful systems of power supply, liquid and air cooling.

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