Mogilev: Member of the flash mob Stop Fuel-2 fined

Mogilev was a flash mob "Stop Petrol 2". In protest against the rise in price of fuel attended two dozen drivers. Flash mob took place under the close supervision of employees of state inspection. Followed the action and KGB special forces soldiers and police.

Started the action on the city outskirts (Shklovsky direction) at the gas station "Belneftekhim". Here, the drivers twice poured into tanks on two liters of fuel, and the column moved to the center of the city.

For us it is very important how many cars will meet — it's important to show that we are against …

"Flash mob aims to bring public attention to the problem of increased cost of fuel. Concern" Belneftekhim ", in our view, unnecessarily raise prices, and information about it is not happening for more than day, that is, people did not know about the rise in price in advance. We want our action to show that we are against it. For us it is very important how many cars will meet — it's important to show that we are against. As you can see is a few cars on the road patrol the entrance to the gas station, there are also people in civilian clothes that are clearly interested in flash mob. By telephone feels that appears to us of some interest, "- said one of the initiators of the action.

On the way to the executive committee, the destination of the movement of the column, about every eight meters were police posts. During the movement of the traffic police stopped the protesters seven cars.

Reasons as reportedand the driver, were insignificant. Stopped in order to "break the string," they declared. One participant of the action punished by a fine of $ 17 and a half thousand for the presence of shutters on the windows of cars.

To the building of the regional executive committee reached three cars. Two of them stopped for technical reasons exactly opposite the Executive Committee. This caused a nervous reaction cops. They demanded to leave, because the parking lot is prohibited.

Participants of the flash mob refuel

In protest, drivers flooded twice in two-liter pots

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