Mogilev on press freedom: I do not have it

Belarusian constitution guarantees freedom of the press. There is that freedom in Belarus in reality? Meet the residents of Mogilev.

Mr."Of course not. Example, I hear that in 11 percent of Belarus' economic growth. A real economic situation is quite different. At exchange offices currency has long since disappeared. At least from this I conclude — what kind of freedom we can talk."

Mr."No, no. One opinion expressed around. Like what? Ruling power."

Young man"Well, in the sense as in the West, we do not. There media spread their views in different ways through print, television and radio. We do not sell alternative newspaper" Belsoyuzpechat. "Television we have no alternative."

Youth"In reality it is not. What is shown in the television, especially on the first channel BT — this is all lies. I use this source as" Nasha Niva "." Radio Liberty "listen and read on the net. They write as it is everything. "

Young man"On the Internet write whatever you want. A stamped I do not know.'s No time for it."

Mr."No, of course. Its also prohibit. President have" good. "We have no freedom or democracy does not really exist — because clearly a fool."

Mr."As such freedom may have, but I do not like how everything is written. Everything is in one direction. As we are all well. So it is necessary and others show."

Mr. elderly"I believe there is. Literature and the press and all. And the opposition and the government. I once was deputy director for ideology and read the newspapers, so I am more than sure that it is."

Mr."Freedom of the press No, I think not. Probably because we all somehow … I'm sorry, I will not speak. Such questions do you …".

Mr."All are afraid to answer such questions. Including me. I'm in the public service. We have much guaranteed by the constitution, but in reality — I doubt it."

Mr."Freedom of the press is. Liberty — is the set of measures, restrictions that are appropriate for you. For some, this is acceptable, for others not.'s Pike caught carp.'s Good or not good for pike, and for crucian not. Same goes for freedom. This ability to use what you are given. "

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