Mogilev on social store: It's for a penny how much humiliation!

A week ago, in Mogilev in Belarus opened the first social shopping. It pensioners who show a valid, allowed to buy food at slightly reduced prices. Allowance acts not all the time but only four hours a day. Our reporter visited Mogilev this store.

Mogilev Zadneprovye. Prospect Schmidt. Store number 2 Company "Grocery". From eight to twelve hours of retirees here acquire products at a discount. The smallest of them — 40 rubles, the highest — about two thousand.

At half past eleven in the sales room of people a little bit. Seniors pounded near shelves with dairy products, bread. Occasionally approach the department with sausages.

The announcement in store.

People leave the store with not packed, as expected, the bags. Is it visible to them cheapening of food?

Ms. elderly"Oh, a hundred rubles. It's not enough. For example, something was 1800, then became 1700 ".

Reporter"Today you how much money is spent?".

Mrs."23 thousand."

Reporter"And if there were no discounts, no matter how much spent? '.

Mrs."Twenty-five would be spent."

Elderly gentleman on the cheapening of products was surprised:

"What a week ago, then dropped the price a bit for retirees. 800-1200 for cereals. Some prices have been, and remain, and some even up to thirty percent, at fifty. "

Some potential buyers shop fundamentally social visit. Reaction to the announced reduction in the cost of food has been extremely emotional:

Elderly gentleman and his wife"It's for a penny how much abuse! What they said pensioner fool that I was standing there in the queue for this penny? Let he eats, who invented it. "

Up to twelve do not bring anything of any dairy, no bread normal.

Ms. elderly"By the twelfth do not bring anything of any dairy, no bread normal."

Mr. elderly"Yeah, right up to twelve nothing fresh. Here you will not take milk, and if they take, then yesterday, and it skisne. "

In the words of guidance, in-store price reductions of more than a dozen types of products. Traders recognize that even a slight reduction in price, and not all pensioners are happy, especially those who come into the store from other areas of Mogilev.

"They say, 'Oh, we expected more!". If such steps have been made by manufacturers, the prices would be much more significant. Here we are, for example, we get the product — one lot is sold, and the other comes more expensive. Month providers for certain types of goods have increased the selling price of 36-56 percent, "- said one of the saleswomen.

In the words of the source, so that the discount was palpable, the buyer need to buy as many products. Here they can afford to purchase just a lot of retirees — the question.

Opened a store on June 8. On this day, Mogilev attended the first deputy head of the presidential administration Alexander Radkov. Or visited the store clerk for pensioners Schmidt, official reports were not. He, however, praised very highly innovative ideas to protect low-income groups in the region. The other day, the chairman of the regional executive committee Petr Rudnik ordered to open social shopping, or, as they already named, shops for the poor across the region. According to official data, prices of staple foods in the region rose to 50 percent. Discounts do not hold out until 20.


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