Mogilev: Pentecostals are preparing to defend their property

May 11 in Mogilev utilities are going to tear down the fence in front of a house of prayer believing Christians of Evangelical Faith. According to authorities, the fence prevents the construction of multi-storey houses, and the administration of October district decided to demolish it.

This will be the second attempt by the violent destruction of the fence. The first took place six months ago. Then the believers were able to protect the fence. Today, at nine o'clock in the morning utility machinery will re-appear in the street near the house band burghers, 21. In a letter from the district administration asked the owners themselves to destroy the fence, otherwise it will make the utility. Says Vitaliy Radchenko — Master of the house:

"We're twenty years old occupy the territory., And I spoke with the lawyers, the lawyers. My data sheet on hand. I do everything legally. They want to build a house per square meter from my front porch. President, as the local government says took his position: "Put them close the high-rises and the private sector."

Vitaliy Radchenko speaks at the first attempt to destroy the fence October 27, 2010

The last time a good-quality community services tear down brick fence was attended by representatives of the district administration and the police. According to officials, the owners of the cottage took extra twenty acres of land. At this allotments they are undocumented.

Guard and protect the territory ordered collected not just owners of the house, but the believers and neighbors.

"Actually going to all the residents of the area to come in, but a lot of it does not, because in the time yet to take place. But who could, he would try to come. No court is not there. This willful desire of officials — preferred and agreed," — said the hostess home Tatiana Radchenko.

Says Ms. Radchenko, neighbors and against the construction of high-rise buildings in front of their houses:

"We have the same peat bog was here. Asushenne They violated these houses. Now here's all the cottages are in the water. Our basement is full of water. Mnogoetazhkami more on water under pressure, and it rises up in our homes. They said that there is no guarantee that you will be completely free of water because you are between the lake and the river. That is, they do not give a guarantee, but the houses are built. "

In the early nineties, the field of urban zelenhoz sown crops of grains, was given to the building of cottages. For two decades he built up. Now, from the streets of Gabrovo Cottages wall fence off tall buildings because that is, as explained by officials with communications, and it is much cheaper their construction.


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