Mogilev to destroy vsamom bin Laden in the world will be safer

The question "Will the less terrorism in the world after the destruction of bin Laden in a very" responsible citizens of Mogilev.

Man: "As long as no more than what is today. Not everything is decided by the individual. The current situation is generally grows any person. Comes seen a turning point of civilization, and something unusual to happen. Usually this will happen."

Man: "Of course not. This is where we must look Osama bin Laden appeared and who created it. 'Cool times," he appeared. He was a man who was carrying hate.'ll Find another. "

Man: "What was and will be. World is so formed. One person in principle, nothing in the world decides. Solve money and decides idea. "

Young Man: "The Muslim community thereafter will be more aggressive. It is still their leader was part of an extremist. Some sort of revenge may occur. For a while, you have to be on the alert. Yet the world without Osama bin Laden gets used to live. "

Man: "No. One person whole world intimidated or something. This is not the one he directed all. Just for it, you must put all the blame. What has been is what will be. "

Young man: "I do not believe in the fact that it really destroyed or killed. Secondly, will still be people who will want to take his place. Too much right now in the world of disaffected offended, insulted the present order of the world."

Man: "The death of Osama bin Laden does not solve anything. Much bin Laden, bin Laden would be the second. His name will become a different person. God gives man what he wants. Man wants blood — he shall give his blood. If people want peace it will give him peace. "

Man: "About bin Laden in a very long time I did not hear anything for two years, and all the same. And it became even worse.'s Why I think it will be business as usual.'s Such a mess in Libya. At all of Asia."

Young man: "No increase or decrease. I believe that Osama bin Laden is not particularly strained in this sense, the world. Suppose that Americans are struggling with it all."
Young man: "Do not rest anything. Come other people, and all will be well. How many terrorist attacks in Minsk, Russia. Such people leave and new ones come.'s Not every man is set peacefully. People are greedy some steel. Everyone wants to power. And so it will continue. "

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