MOMENT OF TRUTH FOR Rostov (Part One: Ural (Sverdlovsk region))

How many times this year, "Rostov" had to overcome the Rubicon. That had to start as a street-racing, with the place and quickly, and then the derby and travel on the route Novosibirsk — Ekaterinburg, then go to Novorossiysk and Krasnodar. Now here's the beginning of the second round and have clubs that are in the beginning of the championship as members of the main competitors — "Ural" and "Siberia" Welcome to the Southern capital. In other words, for the invincible "Rostov" again came the moment of truth. [Img =] [cut] [b] «Ural» (Sverdlovsk region) [/ b] The team from Yekaterinburg still remains a competitor "Rostov" in the struggle for access to the Premier League, however, after the games on Wednesday and Saturday, the gap between the yellow and blue of the orange and black is 10 points. In the words of VI Ulyanov-Lenin, history repeats itself every time, but a new stage. 10-12 years ago, "Rostselmash" and "Uralmash" played in the Premier League, having to even participate in the European Cup Intertotto. Now here Purdue. As part of "Rostov" against his former team played two former football player "Ural" — aspen and leather: the first was the hero of the match, the second — the anti-hero. At a meeting with residents of the Urals selmashevskie fans have prepared an interesting composition, consisting of the blue modules, image dressed in the fashion fans with yellow roses and blue streamers text states that "Fidelity — a matter of honor" (see photo). From the capital of the Urals arrived at the check-out 9 guys that, no doubt, is a worthy indicator, given the impressive distance between the two "megacities" and the fact that, as we see out in Perdive not really even punched. Guests were placed on the south eastern edge of the floor (see photo). [Img =] As for attendance, then it was higher than average, but still much interest in the match did not call. In addition, an hour before the game on å, started another meeting — at an army arena SKA played for the Cup with "Khimki" and won in overtime at the 2005 finalists 3-2. The game was notable primarily for the fact that in the "Rostov" debuted just two notable acquisitions — the best scorer in the First Division last year, as part of "Siberia", a former player of "Zenith" Akimov and the leader and captain of North Korea, who went from Serbian club "Belastica" (First Division Serbia) Hong Yong Jo. Both debutants were thrown into battle with the start of the match Dyadyun and leather were the same in stock. Goals Akimov and Hong did not score, but did not spoil the Mass: Korean, despite the fact that our club's detractors call him on the Internet, "Hui Cho Understand" was marked by a competent choice position, a constant struggle and excellent cross Akimov, who ex-Siberian did not realize managed. Akimov constantly aggravated the game attracted great attention from the defenders. Both the forward end of the game have been replaced and left the field to applause. In addition, Rostov first saw on the field defender Denisov (Lokomotiv) and midfielder Gitselova (Rubin). If the first is not really fit into the game until the yellow-blue, the son of a former player of the club Gitselov, made its debut in the game with the "Vityaz" exactly 20 years after the debut of his father's "Rostselmash", played perfectly. First 10-15 minutes looked interesting guests, who opened the scoring, the failure of the left wing of the defense turned around naked Schanitsyna. Soon the "Ural" could finish off the hosts, but the time did not realize, for which he paid — Kulchiy outsmarted the left flank defense of the "Ural", hung at the far post, where nimble Gitselov, jumping out from behind the defenders and sent the ball into the goal Armisheva. At this busy time "Rostov" is over — the aspen shoots penalty yards with 35 and after it hits either the captain of "Ural" Sinev, whether the ball passes the striker Dubrovin to save. A few minutes later another penalty, this time near the penalty area, ending sniper shot Aspen native of Sverdlovsk region, and all the game is done! In the second half Pobegalov changed the goalie failed Armisheva and "Rostov" backed off, saving power before Saturday's meeting with the "Siberia", and the guests began to emerge moments to score Gerus, but the latter was opposed. As a result, at the end of the game, after a series of substitutions counter "Rostov" performed mainly fresh Dyadyuna became so dangerous that the yellow-blue had to develop a positive account for yourself, but somewhere not enough: Astafevu skill Kozhanova — desire. We should also mention the work of our entire boring museum rarity cast-Soviet scoreboard. No, it's not his poor technical and aesthetic characteristics — they are all over Rostov, and not only with known since 15 years ago, it was a misunderstanding installed in the stadium. The point in the content. Thus, according to drug addicts who were sitting at the console, we have as part of such players as Koshanov and MogiLVsky. In this case, apparently, people are far-board service orientation, as for them, Akimov (№ 98, took him by the figure of St. Petersburg region in the non-automotive) played at number 88. In this case, the backup goalie "Ural" Malyshev, which was released on the field during the second half, according to the board, the team did not exist. Lord, urgently move to lighter drugs, and we run the risk seen in the application of David Beckham, Garrincha and Cthulhu. The outcome of the meeting as "Rostov" and "Ural" has a lot of positive emotions from one and a half hours of spectacular football and our team confident of victory over one of the strongest contenders in the tournament. Then we waited for "Siberia" on the same day at home in the Cup Russia does not overpower anyone, but the defending champion. [B] Olegych [/ b]

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