MOMENT OF TRUTH FOR Rostov (Part Two: Siberia (Novosibirsk))

"Siberia" (Novosibirsk) By the way, the winner of "Siberia" over the "Zenith" in an interview on the eve of our new boldly predicted Akimov. Dmitri himself, by some strange contract, had the right to play against his former club, only a third of the match. "Siberia", which finished in third place last year, this past offseason voiced unequivocal problem out in the Premier League, his ambitions in support of a solid budget and strong structure. Of acquisitions should be noted our former player, defender Kirill Orlov and the two goalkeepers — Borodin (Torpedo) and Urich (youth team Serbia). Passed half of the championship, and the ambitions of the potentially strongest club in the league has disappeared — the team before the game with the "Rostov" separated from the relegation zone only 5 points. Already left top scorer Ivan (Rostov), the main goalkeeper Borodin (Anzhi). By the way, he moved to Novosibirsk, our hero of the 2005 Martin Horak. It has long been fired head coach Faizullin, and had come to his place Oborina fans of the club does not suffer as zealously as it is not tolerated in Samara. [Cut] But what would not tolerate the failure of "Siberia", the victory over the "Zenith" in the Cup once again proved that this club — the opponent is not easy. And even though we are not a competitor, but break a record 25-match unbeaten streak and spoil the mood Rostovites Siberians were not against it, but, more importantly, were able to do it. So Saturday's match was getting one more test to pass that this time, 26 minutes at a time, our club, alas, failed. Before the game our small detachment of four materials were purchased for unpretentious hehe — we felt that the meeting with the "Siberia" deserves a colorful start. The composition was the fact that the sector has been stretched along the strip of yellow and blue cloth, and at the top and bottom of the text were stretching, "No injuries," and "Without a doubt!" Alas, the evil eye … The meeting began as a sluggish, but ended crawling quite unexpected, after the failure of a player on the wing Novosibirsk club broke into the penalty area and struck the gate Gerus, to the delight of fans of the two "Siberia" that were in the guest sector Stadium. While the "Rostov" oklemalsya, something that has not happened in the game with the "Ural", happened in the meeting with "Siberia" — a Roman gate flew the second goal, and in a similar situation, but on the other hand. After the break the course of the game changed dramatically — "Rostov" went forward a large force, which had an immediate impact on the bill — first substitute Kozhanov struck the ball in Novosibirsk, and then Zuev a powerful blow to the near corner by the equalizer, to the wild delight of the stadium in general and fanatskogo sector in particular. It seemed that success is possible and to develop, leaving guests with anything, but in the end with nothing left for yourself — perhaps the only attack of "Siberia" in the second half ended with another shooting Gerus. Then we went to swing — "Rostov" by all means go ahead and "Siberia", released mainly by the bench Martins tried to answer counterattacks. As a result, high-speed forwards teams — Martins in Hong guests and we have failed to realize their moments, which is arranged "Siberia", which not only distanced itself from the seven-seat of the relegation zone, but did what was not possible this year to anyone — win at the "Rostov", and did so at the stadium yellow and blue. Well, the record series is fixed, let's see, when and to whom would afford her beat. After the game, of course, there was a lot of talk on the subject of additional conditions to the contract Akimov and the like, really hurt somehow looked weird unexplained failures are usually reliable defense "Rostov", and not one, not two, but at least four, three of which materialized into goals guests. Whatever it was, the defeat, there is a failure, and I believe that we have suffered it in a fair fight against a strong opponent, which is the "Siberia". Now the main thing not to get upset and move on forward — the good, the defeat of "Anji" in Naberezhnye Chelny and a draw, the extracted "Salyut-Energia" in Krasnodar, in fact layouts in the championship did not change. That is, we are the first, and we — on the way to a small gold. Next, "Rostov"! [B] Olegych (c) [/ b]

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