Mongolia masters modern harvesters Rostsel’mash

Rostselmash starts supply to Mongolia harvesting machines VECTOR 420. First harvesters have already arrived in the republic, the station Darkhan. One of them will take part in the demonstration, which will be held in the main grain-producing region of the country.

Despite the increased interest in the current models, the most popular and widespread harvesting machine in Mongolia remains NIVA. Park harvesters country, which is about 1,000 units., Most of it consists of the harvesters. The biggest party in recent years — 40. — Carried out in 2009. In the opinion of farmers, harvesters are working fine. At the same time, the complex agro-climatic conditions of the country require a gradual transition of agriculture to a more powerful technique that will allow for cleaning work in the shortest possible time. The company "Rostselmash" this proposal is to combine VECTOR. The fact that this model is good prospects in the local market, has confirmed the first agricultural exhibition "Agrotech Mongolia", held in the spring of 2011. Its members, visiting booth Rostsel'mash, showed great interest in this is what the combine.

Combines both the buyer is an agricultural company "Erhet Uyls" HHC, Dornod Aimag (Eastern Mongolia). Its director Bat-Ochir Gantulga praised the technical specifications of this model sweepers, considering that the VECTOR 420 is fully compliant with ispetsifike of rural households in Mongolia.

One of the purchased harvesters will take part in the demonstration. The event will be held with the support of a partner company Rostselmash — "Mongol Tarialan Negdel" HHC. Its executive director Suhtseren Chuluunbat believes that the VECTOR harvesters and other machinery Rostsel'mash the domestic market high prospects. "Since 2013, Mongolia abolished in government tenders for the purchase of agricultural machinery. Instead, the form will be introduced to encourage farmers conducting the upgrade yourself — draws attention Suhtseren Chuluunbat. — I Rostsel'mash such experience. In 2012, in addition to the government contract deliveries were made the first commercial sale of 10 harvesters. These were the harvesters NIVA ». Suhtseren Chuluunbat also drew attention to the fact that today there are more than 650 Rostselmash harvesters built before 1990, and therefore the cost to the supplier of the goal to allow farmers to update these combines new, desirable — VECTOR.

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