Mongolia will buy a few MiG-29

The Ministry of Defense of Mongolia intends to purchase from Russia four to five new MiG-29, ITAR-TASS quoted the magazine Aviation Week &Space Technology. According to the Minister of Defense of Mongolia Luvsanvandangiyya Bold, the purchase of military aircraft is planned for the end of 2011. "Procurement is part of our defense cooperation with Russia", — said the Bold made in favor of the Russian fighter selection.

Currently, the Air Force does not have a Mongolian fighter MiG-29. In service with the military are eight fighter-interceptor MiG-21PFM and two training front-line MiG-21US. In the period from 1977 to 1984, the country received a total of 44 MiG-21 different versions, but is now able to perform flights only ten of them.

In addition to the purchase of fighters, the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia also plans to purchase from Russia a ground simulator to train pilots. Despite the fact that the training aircraft in the Air Force is not, buy their Mongol military was not planning — all the combatant pilots are trained to control a fighter and transport aircraft in Russia.

In the short term, the Mongolian Defense Ministry is also planning to buy one military transport plane carrying capacity of not more than 20 tonnes and a lounge for 100 people. The composition of air transport Mongolia today consists of ten Soviet An-2 aircraft, three Antonov An-24, An-26, four, four Chinese Harbin Y-12, and Mi-25 helicopters 8.Smotret ….

Frontline multirole fighter MiG-29S (Fulcrum C) is designed to solve the problems of air defense of small areas, important military facilities of national importance and groupings.

The MiG-29S ("9-13C") is equipped with an upgraded radar enhanced noise immunity, which provides simultaneous launch of two missiles "air-air" with the new digital computer. Optimized mode shooting guns at air targets, expanded the armed missiles "air-to-air." From 26 degrees. to 28-30 degrees. increase the resolution of the angle of attack. The overall effectiveness of the MiG-29S with one pilot in the conduct of air combat, compared with the MiG-29, grew up in 2.5-3.0 times greater than on this indicator aircraft F-16C and the "Rafale" by 10%, while " Mirage-2000-5 "and the JAS 39" Gripen "- by 25%.

The aircraft is equipped with a weapon system comprising: built-in 30-mm gun GSH-301 (150 rounds), SD P-27R,-T,-ER-ET (2), P-73, P-73E (up to 6) or P -60, P-60M (up to 6), RVV-AE (up to 6) of "air-to-air"; NAR S-8 (up to 4 units B-8M) and C-24B (2-4); bombs caliber 250 and 500 kg (up to 8) KMGU (up to 4). At 6 underwing and one ventral hardpoints can accommodate up to 4,000 kg payload.

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