Mongolian train

Plant TONAR, known for its construction and agricultural equipment trailers, and more recently also the tractors, trucks, delivery starts uglevozov in Mongolia. The first-born of the project, a four semitrailer with movable floors TONAR-974618, coupled to the truck tractor TONAR-6428 went to the place of work in June.

The coal truck driver

As part of a three-axle tractor-semitrailer tractor TONAR-6428 and a four-TONAR semi-974618 to be used in the context of Kuschut. Application Technology "hitch" is as follows: coal, having been removed from the cut heavy mining trucks, semi-trailer is loaded into the back of truck. Then the combination makes 320-mile flight to the border with China, where is unloaded and returned empty.

Interestingly, the developers added a moving floor trailer (his stroke is 200 mm). Of course, in this case, the discharge is not instantaneous, like a classic truck with tilting, and for about ten minutes. Besides sliding wear mechanisms due to increased abrasiveness of coal is greater than, say, the transport of silage, cereal or wood shavings. But please note that due to the very length of the route the discharge process will be carried out no more than once a day, which almost eliminates the disadvantages mentioned. And here are the pros trailer with sliding floor, as the absence of a body created by the raised sail, greater stability in the movement, the ability to discharge even on uneven ground, the ability to download via unbuttoned tailgate loader with a lifting height of a small bucket (with the ability to reverse shift sex) will not go away.

Great opportunities

Gross weight 74.5-cubic semi-trailer, designed to carry up to 80 tons of coal, up nearly hundreds of tons! That is why the new product had to provide as many as four axes of its own design TONAR (load capacity — 20 tons each). For the same reasons, the wheels of the bus-bar model is made saddle and suspension — spring. Sure, it may seem strange that any of the semi-trailer axles did not bow thrusters. Engineers say this is that the Mongolian roads are not abound, such as European, turns, especially steep, so handling and tire wear will not cause major problems.

Demanded improvements and tractor TONAR-6428, the maximum load on the "saddle" is at work within this train reaches 30 tons car was left Yaroslavl 412-horsepower diesel engine JAMZ-650 and 12-speed Fuller, but increased the frame, suspension and bridges, increased the ratio final drive, and the front and rear axles used a different diameter, and hence on the load capacity of the tire, which is noticeable even to the eye. All of this is to provide highly reliable trains and ensure that it is working for a minimum of 7-8 years.

By the way, reinforced chassis becomes property of not only the "Mongol", but also any other vehicles TONAR that the plant will produce in the future. Early next year, with the transition to the modernized Yaroslavl diesels that meet Euro-4, all of them will get a new cab, a more modern look and in the interior, and most importantly — with a larger engine compartment. In addition, to improve traction and dynamic performance of the machine is supposed to equip the 16-speed transmission.

As trailer, it may well find application in Mongolia and in Russia. And not just in coal mines: the body structure and a movable floor allows it to transport wood chips, bark, alumina, straw, cereals, lime, paper waste, by-products, glass, gravel, expanded clay, river sand, and cargo pallets, press bales and rolls of paper.

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