Friday importantly get drunk …


• Mayakovsky — cranberry and vodka (organic)
To hell with pineapple water!
Cranberry and vodka to the people!

• Monroe — strawberries with cream
MONROE-zhenoe melts in your hands!
Juicy strawberries and sweet cream — President Kennedy's favorite flavor!

all the flavors were developed in the laboratory of Moscow and made of natural ingredients: organic foods are grown in Russia in farms. That's it merged in ecstasy culture, ecology, alcohol and licking moment. :)

• DartVeyder — blueberry with licorice (black ice)
Cold on the skin? Dark Force of the Universe to you in the teeth!
Blackberries and licorice in Darth Vader black edition

We are accustomed to traditional forms — we are surrounded by simple geometrical shapes: squares, circles, pryamougolniki.No, say, imagine that concept in ice cream can go beyond the standard popsicle, many may be difficult. But the diversity of forms is limited only by your imagination …
Design an experiment
Russian production — not perelizat licking ice cream …

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