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April 19, 2012 12:07



So close and so mysterious neighbor, the moon, presents new puzzles. On the surface off the coast of the Sea of Rains was recorded explosion caused by a meteor strike.
Rob Suggs of the Mission Control Centre NASA says it with a telescope and camera on November 7 was the first to consider a very bright flash on the lunar surface, the intensity of which, judging by the pictures, gradually declined.

Scientists believe the power of the explosion can only be compared with the undermining of 70 kg of TNT. As a result a crater about three meters in diameter and 40 centimeters deep.
Suggs, like another astronomer Bill Cooke, believe that, possibly a meteor hit the lunar surface of the stream, which is called the Taurid.

In late October and early November, the moon, like the Earth has already been exposed Taurids.

But unlike our planet, the moon has no atmosphere, passing through which space objects have evaporated. Therefore these bodies on impact the lunar surface explode.

But not all so simple.

Some researchers even in the 1970s, drew attention to the condition of the surface of the moon — it was similar to the area has been subjected to carpet bombing.

The experts noted that statistically impossible that meteorites of the same size and weight stamped on the surface of the moon correctly spaced craters.

And their lot on earth satellites …

What does that mean? According to one of the American scientists bold hypotheses moon is nothing but an immense spaceship, incapacitated by battle in outer space.

In July 1969, shortly before the first astronauts set foot on the satellite, on its surface were discharged spent fuel capacity of unmanned vehicles. Then there was, and the seismograph, which soon began to transmit a very interesting data. It turned out that the impact of a 12-tonne load on the surface of the satellite caused local moonquake. Astrophysicists have suggested that under the rocky surface is a metal shell thickness of about 70 km, surrounding the nucleus of the moon.
At that time, one of the researchers said in the moon can be huge, nearly empty space volume of 73.5 million cubic meters. km, where the mechanisms that serve the movement and space superkorablya repair, devices for external observation, a design that provides a connection to the armor plating the interior.

In the 1970s, some Soviet scientists also did not rule out that the moon — it is not just satellite. The famous astrophysicist Iosif Shklovsky expressed the opinion that it "may be dead, lifeless ship alien civilization, impenetrable space probe." Later, a similar version of the pages of the English magazine Flying Space Review voiced by famous Russian radio astronomer Alex Arkhipov. He did not rule out the possibility that the moon — a "station" others ", observing life on Earth."

Evidence for these conjectures can be found in the writings of the ancient writings of Chinese astronomers X-XI centuries BC In them there is a description of the sky, but there is no mention of the moon. One can assume that if satellite did not exist. Furthermore it may be that the appearance of the moon on the earth's orbit and created disasters associated with the Flood. Interestingly, if the events unfolded in such a scenario, it is after the appearance of the moon on the horizon, many people have traditions of men, gods and creatures arrive on Earth from the New World.

The Source: BBC and 7 days

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