MOR has opened a new training center

Today, the president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin and the chief of the Moscow Railway Vladimir Moldaver took part in the presentation of the Training Center of technical training drivers and assistants locomotive engineers at the Moscow Railway.

In order to improve the system of technical training and the level of technical knowledge locomotive crews to ensure reliable operation of technical equipment, implementation of operational work, improve traffic safety on MOR established technical training center master and his assistant with a new modern approaches to learning.

After seeing the center, Vladimir Yakunin said that the Moscow railway have a unique training complex, where there are opportunities not only for the professional but also personal development.

Training center is located near the train station presnya Small Ring of Moscow circular railway. It consists of a complex of one-story brick building built in 1903-1908 years. Related to newly identified sites of cultural heritage. The total area of buildings and structures of more than 7 million m³.

On the territory of the training center housed the administrative building, the three academic buildings with specialized classrooms, a library, health center, dormitories, a sports complex with outdoor sports fields and farm buildings.
Technical training of locomotive brigades of the Moscow Railway held at the Centre in October 2011, for 11 months have been trained with a separation from the production of 1122 people.

Weekly plan of each group includes courses in the PTE and instructions automatic brakes, the locomotive construction labor and fire safety, traffic safety and non-standard situations. During the training period, each locomotive crew involved in the training complex, including a 2-hour control trip. For this audience the training center equipped with all necessary equipment, including stands and various exercise machines. 

Picking groups made the Moscow Directorate of traction in accordance with the plan and the operational needs of the locomotive depot. The priority areas for training are employees of locomotive drivers with less than one year.

The teaching staff of the training center is formed of experts from experienced workers operating the locomotive depot of the Moscow Directorate thrust Road technical schools and other educational institutions. Provides the involvement on a competitive basis to conduct technical training on simulators train drivers operating locomotives and train drivers, instructors locomotive depot.

Head of the Moscow Railway Vladimir Moldaver during the presentation said, "We will develop the center, to improve learning technology to maximize the efficiency of the locomotive crew."

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