Morse code — the language of the weather, which is taught only in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk school number 7 — Russia's only school where they teach meteorologists for hard to reach areas. To do this, here they are taught Morse code and radiodelo. Thanks to the skills gidrometnablyudateley forecasters always get a hard-to-station observations, even if you do not work all the modern forms of communication.

On the eve of the Day of hydrometeorological RIA Novosti correspondent visited the Novosibirsk School number 7 — the only place where meteorologists prepare for hard to reach areas. I learned that the most reliable technology is still — radio and the "Morse code", asked about what drives people to devote to this business life, and even tried to learn some of the skills associated with the profession.

"Come on, repeat. This is the number of our school on the Morse code. Can you?" — Deputy Director of the School of Sophia Dudenko picked up a pen and tapped correspondent fraction.

Summoned the courage to repeat.

"You come to us — concluded Dudenko. — How old are you?" .. 

Novosibirsk school number 7 — the only Russian school where they teach Morse code and radiodelu. With this weather forecasters always get results with hard-meteorological stations, even if you do not work all the modern forms of communication. Then gidrometnablyudateli deploy radio and transmit data using Morse code. Graduates must be able to transmit and receive at least 60 characters per minute. But first they have to collect the data on the meteorological, process and encode.

Morse code-wedding-Yakutia

Another feature of the school — graduates are often create a pair of go to work and have a family. On a distant "point", where once a year flies a helicopter, it's easier to live with a family man.

"The school in the spring play a lot of weddings. We have them, it turns out, bless and professionally and humanly. Last year it was 6-7 pairs, and once as many as 17 pieces. Moreover, few mistakes, divorce rates among graduates is almost never" — says Dudenko.

Director of the school in Novosibirsk, where meorologov prepared to work in areas trudostupnyh

Dimitri and Catherine Kylinich married before school, now complete a one-year course of study. "On the far station is better to live with her husband — sure Catherine. — He can hunt, fish, and there is a need." The couple met and married in Novosibirsk, but come from different places and with the hope of a new profession to earn money for an apartment. However, if you like, it is possible that they will remain in the north and for a long time, does not rule Dmitry. As a future place of work the couple has chosen Yakutia. "The more hard-to-station, the better the pay, — says Catherine. — The school I was recommended by my friend, and we all like it here. Just learn Morse code is difficult, but we try — we arrive early to study and train."

Will Losers — you go to Kazakhstan

In Novosibirsk, the school number 7 trains specialists since 1954, when he was transferred here from Riga. And then it was the only one of its kind — has implemented gidrometnablyudatelyami for hard-stations all over the Soviet Union. Then was common proverb: "Will Losers — you go to Kazakhstan." Now graduates work in Russia, and the output was reduced from two hundred to a hundred or so more people. Nearest stations are inaccessible in the Altai Mountains. Total for almost 60 years produced more than 10,000 professionals. Graduates have the right to choose their place of work, but first it is received by those who are best studied and passed exams.

"But even if someone is not some kind of discipline mastered too, I try to ensure that each graduate distribution wherever he wants. There, where he sought, the person and work will be a great pleasure," — says Sofia Dudenko.

Education of future meteorologists in Novosibirsk

Be sure to take into account if a graduate has relatives working at the meteorological stations — in the profession are especially appreciated dynasty. The school has received a lot of residents of Novosibirsk region, Altai and other close regions.

"Now learn about 30 people from Tuva. Better advertising SCHOOL create its graduates. When to demography was better, then we have a set of problems was. Now become a little more complicated, but in the last year, we still scored 96% of the plan. When this we have screening — for health, for example, not all are suitable for life in the harsh conditions, "- explains Dudenko.

Salaries of gidrometnablyudateley small — from 7 to 20 million, but the station to spend it with. No cost for housing services and transport specialists give clothing and provide rations. So all earnings can be postponed.

But Alexei Karpov drew exotics is in the learning process. "It taught what I knew absolutely nothing, and I like it. And here I met very nice people. I started the school year at a local technical university, and there I did not like the team. And here came in December — to do not lose a year — and met me mentally. deliberate until I — I go to the weather station will work or not, maybe I'll go. "

Galina Nikitina, head of the personnel department of the Yakut State Organization Hydrometeorological management is pleased with the Novosibirsk school graduates, their preparation. "Every year in management comes at 20-25, 90 percent required under the contract and spend three years and the third is for a longer period of time. At the station in Ust-Chark, for example, worked for many years the family GONCHARUK from Novosibirsk. Sr. — Bogdan — 63 , his wife Irina — 60, working with them as the son of Oleg and his wife, Irina, "- she said.

The lesson in the computer lab

In the arsenal of gidrometnablyudateley there were computers and automated systems, but they continue to learn Morse code — for this they appreciate not only "in the civilian world," such specialists are in demand both in the army and the security services. It is said that Morse code was invented 175 years ago, is experiencing a renaissance.

How to hear the whisper of stars

Someone is sent to a distant station "for the fog and the smell of the taiga" — where no romance in the northern latitudes.

"I got into Yakutia, staring wide-eyed at all — says Sophia Dudenko. — Imagine winter, the first time I'm going at night at the meteorological site. Around the space, the moon is bright, there is nobody to be afraid of — wolves can only approach in poor visibility. Suddenly hear — rustling around with each step. And then I understand — then cold-54 de
grees, the breath freezes into ice crystals, and they rustle, gradually settling. then I started to blow — to better catch your breath. then learned that the Yakuts call this phenomenon "whisper of stars." From the locals we have much, by the way, have learned. at the station I was working with another girl, and was head of the Yakut, he loved to go hunting. So he left, and we hammer away at the ice on the river — the water to get it, but we can not — just to tears because there may be ice and meter, as we with our puny strength to get water? Saw is a local guy, he advised: "It is not that girls do. No need to hammer away at one place, where there used to be a hole, the ice freezes over. "We tried elsewhere, and the truth is — it is easier. With a local population should always be friends."

Deputy Director of the School of Sophia Dudenko

This advice — one of many that supply teachers are graduates of the school. Gidrometnablyudatelyam will work where you can rely only on themselves, hence the need to know everything himself: and hunting, and mining to cut and chop wood. With students in their knowledge experts are divided: a nurse and cook.

"We wanted to cookery practice in our kitchen to organize, so long as it is impossible, but certainly supply the recipes guys," — says Dudenko.

Senior Master Nicholas waved lead in the school circle of hunters and fishermen. He learns to use a gun, hunting and fishing regulations. Step by step with the students examines: how to find the beast, how to get close to him like fire. "Someone needs to tell you how to procure mining, pickle, — says waving. — If a person does not come across this, and it does not know, and in the taiga need to go prepared."

First of all, the person at the remote endpoint must ensure their safety, said waving. His profession, he knows the ropes, that's why Nikolai Antonovich after working in the management of the North in 1984, was sent to Afghanistan — to teach radio local residents, both civil and military. "Our job, first of all, requires the discipline of human labor. Where people take responsibility — and in small and large — it is safe," — he said.

Education of future meteorologists in Novosibirsk

The main criterion for training, says waving, is teaching practice: "When the graduate to work in a change in the weather station, then he can responsibly say — to cope with the real work or not. I remember in 2-3 days after arrival at the station have gone to change work — no problem with that was not.'s only in that time, we were more patriotic than now — he complains. — and we had no idea that after studying, you can not go on distribution, stay away … "

A dictionary of occupations:


The content of labor: Use of devices, instruments, and is visually observing atmospheric phenomena, tests the rainfall, the water in the reservoirs and analyzes them.

Must know: Basic information on meteorology, methods of data processing, the basics of physics, chemistry and geography.

Professionally important qualities:

• observation;

• operational and long-term memory;

• analytical mind.

Medical conditions:

• Frequent colds.

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Photo: © RIA Novosti. Pavel Komarov

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