Mosaic dispatcher panels REP Holding is already in China

October 7, 2010 Electrotechnical complex "REP Holding" has successfully completed the production of the two mosaic panels for dispatching gas centrifuge plant to enrich nuclear fuel in China. The contract for the supply of panels was made in April 2010 by the Department of "Nuclear Energy", performed by the customer of "Tehnosnabeksport." The project was implemented in the framework of an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and China.

New mosaic dispatcher panels — a complex consisting of a mosaic panels, control systems and software. Dispatch panels are made on the basis of advanced telecommunications technologies. Associated with the remote control device and displays real-time information. Mimic screen shield contains a diagram of the facility and all necessary information on the status of the individual force elements and quantitative characteristics of the controlled parameters. Shields, easy to maintain, have high visibility and legibility. The design allows ease of replacement of individual elements and easy maintenance. Feature articles are their dimensions — 3109 x 8373 x 500 mm.

Release of products with such characteristics is a significant event for the company. Our company has previously engaged in the development and manufacture of the tool panels. Over the past few years were supplied at Kudankulam, the Kursk nuclear power plants and other objects. However, the release of products such technological level and scale never been done before and is the next stage in the development of manufacturing technologies mosaic tool panels. Sure the manufactured products will show superior performance, enabling CJSC "REP Holding" in the future to take up new markets both in Russia and abroad.

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