The most unlucky day — Monday 27 th, says one of the UK's largest insurance companies. That same day, the people are the greatest variety of disasters and accidents. Thus, the report of experts, based on a million claims and statements, debunks the myth of Friday the 13th.

"We know that people are afraid of Friday the 13th. But, according to our data, the greatest number of possible disasters, accidents, traffic accidents, fires, etc., is it on Monday the 27th, — said the representative of the insurance company, Kevin Sinclair. '

In general, any Monday, as has long been known — the days of heavy, and people do not like them. The study, by researchers from Japan showed that the number of heart attacks and stroke Monday morning increases significantly. It was at this time doctors recorded the highest number of deaths from cardiovascular disease.

"Most people on Sunday free of mental and physical stress. Therefore it is very difficult to go from rest to work, — explains the situation to the doctor Shuogo Murakami."

On Monday morning, the vast majority of people dramatically increases the pressure, which leads to poor health and even death.

"If the blood pressure is present in the form of a graph, then Monday morning it will be the highest point — says Murakami."

"On Monday, the most committed suicide attempts than any other day of the week. Experts say the phenomenon of elevated suicide on Monday suggests that suicide is associated with the effect of the start of a new period. Despairing of his misery people sometimes can not bear the thought that begins one more week like the past. "

If Monday — the worst day of the week, the last Monday in January — the most depressing day of the year, according to Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University, and January — the most depressing month. British scientist came to this conclusion after years of studies, based on opinion polls.

"January is always the nasty weather, and spoils it by the middle of the month. Also by mid-month people start handing out the debts accumulated during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Usually it is the end of January people, vowed in the new year to give up something or what to do something, decide to forget about these solutions as fleeting turbidity of reason. "

By the end of January, most people are in a desire to escape somewhere and dispel bad mood. They do not get bored, and their level of motivation goes down to the lowest of the year mark.

Based on all these factors, Arnall created a formula determining the worst day of the year. The result was the last Monday in January.

But on August 30 — the most dangerous day in the calendar for loving couples. On this day, coinciding with the completion of the pores summer holidays, reach a critical level factors, each of which is fraught with major fights.

"August 30 couples realize that the summer is finally and irrevocably gone. Usually love at this moment spoil each other nerves useless disputes that have an unhealthy influence on their relationship — says the British psychotherapist Paula Hall."

According to her, family harmony by August 30 start to poison a number of objective and subjective factors. First, the euphoria, the rest after the summer break, finally disappears, giving way to the prose of the day.

Second, couples usually realize that the order for the stay bored with each other. Third, at their home address supplied heap Payables holiday treats, travel and hotels. Most often, the total score significantly exceeds the financial capacity of the couples who immediately depressed.

"The final nail in the coffin of the relationship drives a realization of the fact that before the next holiday at Christmas is still very, very far away …"


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