Multi-axis, heavy-duty ChMZAP went north

Chelyabinsk engineering plant trailers (ChMZAP) shipped to the customer the party low-bed semi-trailer ChMZAP-99904-011NU. They have already went to the northern regions of the country.

This model belongs to the family of multi-dray BPW air suspension and braking system with EBS Company «WABCO».

Trawl ChMZAP-99904-011NU on five axes with reduced height of the loading platform capacity of 61.5 tons axle unmanaged first three, the fourth and fifth — the thrusters with a rotation angle of 20 degrees. Low bed semi-trailer is equipped with a mechanical ladders equipped with spring-mates up-down technique for entry onto the platform at an angle of 13 °, and widened the loading platform.

Platform length ChMZAP-99904-011NU is 11 610 mm. Standard platform width — 2500 mm, with the side wideners increased to 3000 mm. Gusachnaya part of the frame is equipped with on-board platform.

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