Multipurpose nuclear submarines of Project 885 Ash


Head multipurpose nuclear submarine (MPLATRK) 4th Generation "Severodvinsk" Project 885 of the "Ash", armed with cruise missiles, in November 2012, the program will proceed to the state tests at sea. According to the results of these tests Commission will be in December to sign the act of taking a submarine of the Russian Navy.

Currently MPLATRK "Severodvinsk" is factory sea trials at the same time at the "Sevmash" was scheduled prostrelka torpedo boats. For the weapons of the new Premier League already made 3 cruise missiles "Movement" in the version with a range of 2 500 km. The supersonic version of the missile with a conventional or nuclear warhead on the way to the shore or surface target changes the trajectory of the course and altitude, and the flight speed of the missile after its separation is further increased and approaches the hypersonic, which makes it a very dangerous weapon.

 Cruise missiles "Movement" — a super-fast high-precision weapon that is designed for the most part, to counter enemy aircraft carriers. In accordance with the signed USC and Russian Defense contract under the state program of armaments to 2020 the Russian fleet should get 7 MPLATRK like "Ash", while 6 of the submarines will be built on the improved design 885M. The head of modernized boat series is "Kazan". Furthermore, this boat will be the first submarine of the 4th generation, which will have a completely new technical equipment, which has no analogues in the domestic shipbuilding.

In contrast, preparing for the reception of the Russian Navy strategic missile 4th generation of the "Northwind" — nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky" who first used them technical filling is about 40%, in the multi-purpose submarines "Kazan "Project 885M all nodes, systems and mechanisms will be brand new, never before applied. According to the defense, it is brand new, high-tech equipment, which has no analogues in the Soviet and modern Russian shipbuilding. According to its performance characteristics submarine "Kazan" should be comparable with the most high-tech and at the same time expensive submarine in the world — the American multipurpose nuclear submarine of the "Sivulf", while the level of noise and a number of other criteria, it will pass even a competitor.

Total cost of 7 submarines of Project 885 "Yasen" exceeds 200 billion rubles. According to sources, the ITAR-TASS news agency, one submarine project 885M is 1.5-2 times more expensive submarines of Project 955 "Borey".

Description submarines of Project 885 "Ash"

Work on the creation of submarines belonging to the 4th generation, the Soviet Union began simultaneously with the United States in 1977. Originally planned to create several types of boat: multi-purpose, protivoavianosnoy, anti-submarine. But later it was decided to limit ourselves to a multi-purpose submarine, which would be capable of dealing with the greatest possible range of tasks. The design of the submarine was engaged CB "Malachite", which had a wealth of experience to create a successful attack submarines. A new nuclear submarine of project 885 received cipher "Ash", NATO reporting name — «Granay». Bookmark the lead ship series "Severodvinsk" was held December 21, 1993 at the "Sevmash" in Severodvinsk. Speed boats built because of the very poor funding has been very slow. 12 September 2011 to head the boat-329 "Severodvinsk" was first put to sea for sea trials.

The main characteristics of nuclear submarine of project 885: maximum length — 120 meters, width — 15 meters, depth — 10 meters. Total displacement — 11 800 tons. Most underwater speed — 31 knots. The boat crew — 90 people (32 officers). The boat is equipped with a pop-up rescue camera that can accommodate the entire crew.

Project 885 submarines are made on a single shaft scheme. Durable design boats — steel. Nuclear power plant data refers to the submarine reactors 4th generation. Reactor power is 200 MW. The reactor is made by the integrated assembly scheme. The advantage of this solution is the localization of the primary coolant in a separate box candy bar, and a lack of pipelines and pipes of large diameter. This scheme involves the use of equipment which has a very high reliability. According to some experts, the new reactors are able to serve for a long time without reloading. The service life of new reactors is estimated to be 25-30 years, which is comparable with the lifetime of most of the submarine.


MPLATRK like "Ash" have polutorakorpusnoy lightweight body construction with only the bow of the boat, as well as with the add-in missile silos. Robust steel case submarine is divided into 9 sections. In the first section is the central office with access to a sound control room — rescue chamber pop, hardware sonar system and battle stations. Around the first compartment and the boat forward of the bow it is a group of main ballast tanks (CCH, only 5 pieces). In the second compartment located breech of torpedo tubes and racks with ammunition. Here are the drives sliding devices and some other accessories of the boat. In the third compartment of the boat on a 4-positioned ship's decks and various instrumentation equipment such as diesel generators, pumps, transformers, chillers. The fourth section is allocated to residential and medical facilities, as well as some auxiliary systems.

Compartments from 2nd to 4th inclusive account for about 40% of the entire length of the submarine's hull and have a light body, and a light superstructure. For these compartments is rugged and substantial narrowing of the twin-hull design.

The fifth compartment submarines — rocket. In the area of the bay is a quick dip tank and the average group CCH (4) tanks.

The sixth bay boat — reactor around it is a special balancing tank, which is needed to keep the boat in depth during the missile firings.

In the seventh (turbine) equipment compartment located steam turbine, turbo-autonomous, as well as other energoooborudovanie. Around this compartment is located aft CCH group (total of 5).

The eighth compartment submarine used to house mechanical, ship's equipment, also houses the aft hatch behind which the steering compartment with hydraulic feed tail boat.

The entire nose of the submarine type "Ash" is selected for placement of large spherical antenna sonar system. For the fairing of the antenna above the waterline are structural nasal hydroplanes boats. Empennage submarines made by the classical cross pattern. The submarine had long enough to a superstructure "limousine" shape with integrated pop-up rescue chamber.

Robust housing made of submarine-magnetic steel (thickness up to 48 mm). The assembly of the boat is the block method using metal rope dampers, which are used instead of traditional rubber-cord pneumatic. Ship equipment mounted on special zonal units massive frames. The new version of the layout of power plant units, as well as cooling systems, power supply, auxiliary equipment has reduced the noise level by 10-15 dB boats.

The design of the boats use
d vibration-absorbing laminated beams, elements of air ducts and pipes, stanchions, which reduce noise by 10-30 dB. All equipment mounted on vibration absorbing honeycomb scaffolds made of composite materials. In each structural unit is further coated with soundproofing panels. The case itself is covered with a rubber submarine protivogidroakusticheskim coating that reduces the noise of the boat, and also reduces the reflection of sonar signals. Also on the "Ash" system is used for active suppression of noise in the limit of discrete frequency components of 50-500 Hz. To reduce the noise the boat at slow speeds of movement applies only propulsion motor at the same time turbozubchaty main unit is connected via a coupling to the high-speed modes.

Submarine Project 885 is made by a single shaft scheme and equipped with a 7-blade propeller low noise, having a scimitar-shaped blades (with composite damping). Has a fixed pitch propeller. Also, the boat has 4 reclining thrusters and bow hydroplanes with the flaps are likely to pull.

The main armament of nuclear submarines are vertical launch cruise missiles. On the submarine are 8 launchers SM-346 (4 per side) for 24 anti-ship missiles P-800 "Onyx". Also possible to use missiles 3M14 "Movement" and 3M54 "Turquoise". To pair on board the submarine various missile systems was a versatile ship fire control system 3P-14P, which ensures the combat readiness of missile systems to the boat launch from a cold state of the equipment for 4 minutes. Along with this was a unified set of equipment and the ground, which is designed for routine maintenance of missiles.

In addition to the cruise missiles armed with torpedo boats are different. "Ash" has 10 torpedo tubes (5 per side) 533 mm. Ammunition torpedoes — 30 pieces: USET-80, "physicist-1" (UGST) and others, as well as KRBD RK-55 "Granat" or "Turquoise" or PLRK "Waterfall", and mines. Torpedo boats are in the central part of the case for the central station. The submarine can be installed 533 mm disposable non-rechargeable PU funds sonar countermeasures such as REPS-324 "barrier" for the use of self-propelled anti-sonar devices MG-114 "Beryl" and MG-104 "Throw".

Project 885 submarines are equipped with combat information and control system "District", which combines real-time monitoring of information on the state of the ship, all the combat systems, information from surveillance and target acquisition. CICS job is ensured by a digital computer. "District" can transmit and receive information from other ships using sonar secure data transmission system.

Author Sergey Yuferev


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