Multipurpose space system Arctic

Especially for observing the northern latitudes of the planet's Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) has drafted a multi-purpose space system "Arctic."


It will provide information needed to support navigation, safety of offshore facilities, environmental control.

At the first stage in the grouping will be four satellite. It is assumed that the first satellite to be launched in 2013.

This space system allows recording of two types — optical and radar. In the Arctic, more efficient use of radar type, because this kind of shot, you can determine the type of ice and even conduct a survey of high clouds.

The principle of operation is based due to the elongated orbit, the satellite is always above the Arctic zone. The picture is transmitted to the Mission Control Center in the Arctic, where it is processed and connected by arctic-CA sent the captain of the ship.

The system of "Arctic" will include space vehicles for different purposes. Thus, the radar satellite "Arktika-R", developed by national experts, will be able to determine the exact condition of the ice conditions and to provide pilotage on the Northern Sea Route. In addition, the radar satellite will help in the exploration of high oil, gas and other minerals.

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