Mushroom: United States if the objective, then it is usually achieved

Murder of the head of a terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda" in a very bin Laden caused a reaction from around the world. Many prominent politicians welcomed the elimination of the terrorist number one. Some have warned that the death may cause revenge associates of bin Laden.

The question of "Liberty" will be after the assassination of the head of "al-Qaeda" calmer in the world, meet Belarusian politicians and political scientists.

Stanislav Shushkevich, the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation

Stanislav Shushkevich

"Thank God that Americans have shown that they have something they can. Indeed, so far, not all this matter it was neat.

But we must not forget that in the world there is a terrorist systema.I one person, even such as bin Laden, there is little in this matter resolved. But the elimination of bin Laden, I am happy for what he had done it — awful. "

Anatoly Lebedko, leader of the United Civil Party:

Anatoly Lebedko

"It is necessary to note that in a very bin Laden is not just a terrorist. This is — an iconic figure, a symbol of terrorism, flag all the terrorists in the world. And the fact that this flag is stripped, thrown undoubtedly affect the environment.

Now I think it will be necessary to wait for short bursts as a reaction to the death and revenge. But in any case, global terrorism remained at the time, without a flag. And psychologically, and politically it is a strong victory. And of course, that the elimination of bin Laden will be weakened for terrorism. "

Sergei Kostjan, chairman of the Belarusian Slavic Committee, former member of the House of Representatives:

Sergei Kostjan

"It's not about bin Laden, but in a society that has developed in the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp. Moreover bin Laden for war, organized by the West against Libya? And he said to the so-called national or anti-national revolutions in the Coconut Palm, Egypt, Tunisia ? This is not linked to bin Laden. Therefore, I believe that if bin Laden really was killed, from quieter it will not.

And to make it easy, you need to review the whole situation in international relations. And above all — the role of the UN. This is not acceptable and unacceptable when countries take 7-8 decision to bomb or changing the government of a state. So all of this needs to be rethought. Revise a negotiated change in the relations between states. And only then can be talk about some peace in the world.

The world is going to ensure that whatever is killed or not killed bin Laden in a very, should something happen to change in the other direction. In the direction of good-neighborliness and friendliness. "

Mieczyslaw Mushroom, chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation:

Mieczyslaw Mushroom

"There are difficult to answer unequivocally. Maybe it really will be a little quieter, as it was bin Laden had been chief in this disgusting reality of terror. But, unfortunately, he was not alone. And I do not rule out that his supporters may start to take revenge.

I personally, yes, I think all the normal people in the world, wanted after the liquidation of one terrorist was calmer. But the terrorists are terrorists. It's no secret that bin Laden was not alone. He created the whole organization. For example, the head of zabili.Adnak remain his supporters. And how they will behave in the future is difficult to say. "

Mieczyslaw Mushroom pays tribute to the United States, which, although after 10 years, but achieved their goal:

"They pose as a specific goal, and it is usually achieved. They do not despise anyone, and never forgotten. And that's good. This is normal. Only — will decide whether it is the elimination of the head of one of the terrorist organizations of the whole problem of terrorism? '.

Political analyst Andrei Fedorov

Andrei Fedorov

"Honestly, I'm not sure that the world situation will change substantially. Bin Laden managed to prepare and educate appropriate personnel.

For the first time, maybe it will be the world's quieter. However, unfortunately, these are the people for whom the idea that captured bin Laden, is the main and for them. And they will continue his work. "

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