Mysterious mummy sends earthquakes and points the way to Shambhala

September 29, 2012 0:50

According to ancient legend, in the Altai Mountains are the gates of Shambhala — the land of immortality. Is it true that the road signs here point to the dead body of the princess? And is it a curse mummy could cause an earthquake?

September 27, 2003 quake caused massive earthquake Republic of Altai Mountains. At the epicenter of the earthquake intensity reached 8-9. Dozens of communities were deprived of light and water, hundreds of people have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Earthquake waves reaching as to Novosibirsk. Local people believe that this is no accident. They say: it is a direct threat beszhalostnoe Altai land claim back what it has taken away — mummy "ukokskoy princess", whose age — more than 2500 years. In fact, today it withered remains stored in 700 km from his grave is in Novosibirsk.

More than 2000 earthquakes, up to 2004, continued to cut the ground from under the feet of the Altai and demanding rolled to Novosibirsk. And then the people of Altai understood: they are obliged to return home mummy princess, or they can wait for a terrible punishment, comparable only to that of the earthquake in Japan in 2011.

Is it true that the curse "ukokskoy princess" capable of destroying the entire republic on the map of our country? To understand this, the crew of the "Mysterious Russia" went to the Altai Mountains.

Prehistoric drawings on ancient rocks, mysterious tattoos on the skin withered mummy, ancient legends and unique finds — everything points to the fact that the dead "ukokskaya Princess" holds a terrible secret. No wonder this land so attracted the Soviet secret service. They were looking for here Shambhala — the legendary land of the gods, a country of endless knowledge and eternal youth. So, perhaps, the mummy of ancient altayki — is the key to the gate to Shambala?

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