Mysterious phenomenon over the UK

September 24, 2012 19:45

People living in different parts of the UK could see the bright glowing objects flying in the night sky.
The phenomenon of the eyewitnesses of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Central England. Some speculate it is a regular space satellite, which was part of the atmosphere, while others believe that it meteorites.

Brian Guthrie, observing objects near Edinburgh (Edinburgh), shared his impressions: "Before I saw shooting stars and meteor showers, but this (phenomenon) was bigger and more colorful"

One eyewitness reported BBC said that the object was a bright golden beam of light, wherein the absolute harmony of movement.

"He (flow) not now … At first I thought it was a plane. But he was too low on the horizon and was moving much slower. Then I thought I saw a shooting star. Whatever it was, you can definitely say that this is an amazing phenomenon … "

Diana Martin (Diane Martin) from Nottinghamshire said she saw "bright ball of fire." She wanted to call the police, but her husband found online reports from other witnesses of the event. In a BBC interview, she said: "We noticed the object. He flew quite low and not so far away from us. We thought that it should land in the village "

Observers from Wales reported that they had seen an unusual phenomenon in the cities of Cardiff and Swansea, Aberystwyth in the county of Ceredigion, and in the county of Gwynedd.

Howard Parry, watching the sea, said "the flow of light." "At first I thought it was a plane, preparing for landing, but then I realized that I was wrong. Phenomenon resembles a train with different carriages … All went 25-30 seconds. I've never seen anything like this "

Chris Butler from the town of Rhondda said he saw a bright fire triangle, so different from ordinary meteorites.

Dr Tim O'Brien (Tim O'Brien), one of the leaders of the Observatory "Jodrell Bank", the BBC said that it was difficult to understand and explain the cause of this phenomenon.

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