Mysterious Pyramids of China

The Second World War came to an end, to the end was only a few weeks. American pilot was flying over China near the city of Xian. Suddenly, he saw a giant pyramid. The pilot took a few pictures, but for a long time they were secret and hidden from the public. Height, they discovered the pyramid was around 300 meters. This is double the world-famous Pyramids of Cheops!

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For many years, foreign access to China was limited and the puzzle of the pyramid and were not told. But 17 years ago, the two travelers — nemey and Austrian. They visited the location of the pyramid and realized that height, the Government stated in the documents as 300 meters, greatly exaggerated. But the pleasant surprise was that the pyramids were more than one. Considering the pyramid, the travelers agreed that their 17. The highest height of 80 meters, next to a little less — 60.

The study of the pyramids has not yet started. It is not known who and why they were built. But the travelers were talking to a priest of the Buddhist temple. He said that the pyramid mentioned in ancient chronicles of the monastery. The Chronicles are hand-written, and following them, the age of the pyramids is about 3000 BC

This statement, which makes us think that the pyramids are closely related to the famous Emperors China. According to the dowry, the emperors are descended from Sons of Heaven. That Sons of Heaven, once visited our planet, arriving at the huge metal fire-breathing dragons.

Perhaps the Chinese government will allow the excavation. It will then be possible to accurately answer the question of when and why were constructed these architectural masterpieces. And we can learn about the ancient mysteries that hide the mysterious pyramids of China.

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