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September 8, 2012 15:52

Prehistoric Solar Observatory, found near the village of Gossec.

Recall the indications of civilization settled residence of people (in the settlements, cities), the appearance of workmanship, the division of labor and exchange (trade), the fruits of that labor — food, clothing and footwear, household goods, jewelry, ceremonial objects. Civilization is also impossible without the social and religious order, "the people", in a society without some form of supreme management structure.

According to modern scientific ideas, the most ancient civilizations in the world — in Egypt, Mesopotamia (Sumer), China, India, Palestine (Jericho) — there were no earlier 8000-9000 years ago.

The find grave-diggers

In the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, on the river Unstrut twenty kilometers north-west of Naumburg, lies the town of Nebra. In the late 1990s, in the vicinity of the shaft inside the ring-shaped artificial crowning flat, wooded mountain Mittelberg, in a shallow pit, carved in the rocky soil, and then covered with earth, was found a few very old subjects. They stumbled upon grave robbers. The find consisted of two swords, a few bracelets, relating to, at first glance, to the Bronze Age, as well as an amazing product of unknown purpose. That's about it will be discussed.
The product is a bronze circle diameter of 32 cm and a thickness of 2 mm. On its surface are sickle moon, the solar disk, as well as randomly scattered stars. In addition, on opposite sides of the edges — two arched bands, one of which has been lost, and the sun and the moon, at the edge of the circle is the crescent stripe, symbolizing, according to researchers, the solar boat. All of these elements are sky overhead and made of gold.

Surprising findings Disk

Patron Hyperborean Apollo.

Before the stellar disk (as it became known, scientists) became the subject of research, he experienced a real criminal odyssey. The robbers, who found an archaeological treasure, set out to sell the found objects, and first of all the discs as most valuable discovery. But it was not easy, because, according to German law, the treasure was the property of the state. Temporary Disk owners belonging to the criminal world, repeatedly succeeded one another, while in 2001, the treasure trail not left governments. Had been sent to the seller of the next "potential buyer", talks about the deal were interrupted by a most unexpected way for sellers and precious gem finally came under state protection.
Due to the unknown origin of the stellar disk was necessary, above all, to ensure its authenticity, that is, in its antiquity. This issue arises frequently in archeology, and to answer it, it is sometimes not easy. The most common now radiocarbon dating method (for carbon isotope C14) used in relation to the remains of organic matter, in this case was not suitable. Helped by the presence of the disk surface patina — the oxide film, which has painted it bright green. True, it is possible and forge patina through processing. But to create it requires special chemicals, traces of which are easily found in the analysis of the artificial grass. In the patina covering the disc, these substances were not. And since it was found together with swords and bracelets, whose age — about 18 000 years (!) — Scientists have established with reasonable certainty, and the circumstances of the discovery, abduction, and the fate of captured treasure robbers told in detail, the antiquity of all its constituent items can be considered proven.

On it you wrote the great Homer?

Moreover, it is possible that this (or a similar) Star Disc was known and worshiped in ancient times. In Song of the eighteenth Homer's "Iliad" is described in detail the appearance shield of Achilles, who, as scientists believe, Hephaestus produced, taking the prototype find with mountain Mittelberg. Here is a description of the translation NI Gnedich:

Shield made of sheets of five
and in terms of the vast
Many wondrous god
As conceived by the creative did.
There, he introduced land
introduced and the sky and the sea,
Sun, in a way neistomnoe,
Silver full month
All beautiful star
What is crowned sky
Visible in the assembly of the Pleiades, the Hyades
and the power of the Orion
Arktos, the children of the earth
another call of the chariot;
There is always drawn
eternally watches over Orion
And one shuns wash
in the waves of the ocean.

Stellar disc is a bronze circle with plates of gold.

It is worth recalling: the site of Troy showed that about 1260 BC. e. city experienced a long siege, and was destroyed. Thus, in principle, confirmed details of the Greek legend of the Trojan War and related historical events.

Astronomical instrument

Well, what was the purpose of application and Disk image on it celestial maps?
At 25 kilometers south-east of Nebra in a wheat field near the village of Gocek around Weissenfels archaeologists have unearthed a huge prehistoric solar observatory with a diameter of 75 meters. Established that she came here more than 7,000 years ago, that is, is the oldest of the currently known astronomical observatories, it is much older than Stonehenge, older than the known structures of Egypt and other advanced ancient civilizations!
According to researchers, between the stellar disk of Nebra and an observatory near Gocek doubt there is a connection. Professor Volfgard Schlosser of the University of Bochum investigated disc from an astronomical point of view. He is convinced that the one who created it, deliberately marked the true position of the seven stars from the Pleiades, and the other stars are located on disk without any system to simply submit to it a starry sky. But the image of the Pleiades, along with the Sun and the Moon, has a deeper meaning.
Why is the Galaxy played such an important role in the lives of ancient peoples?
The ancient Greek poet Hesiod, who lived at the turn of the VIII-VII century. BC. e., in one of his works, wrote that the position in the sky of the constellation Pleiades tillers determine the start time the main stages of their work — plowing, sowing, harvesting.
But back to the content of the stellar disk.
As mentioned, at its edges against each other is a golden arch. If such an arc to build sector, the angle between its bounding radii be 82,5 °. But it is an angle formed radius drawn through the middle of the two entrances into the observatory Gocek! And they are just focused on the south-east and south-west. These inputs determine the horizontal system of celestial longitude in spherical coordinates, in other words, the points of sunrise and sunset on the winter solstice for the area of Germany. The observatory is also a third input, but what does its location remains unknown. Now it becomes clear and the meaning of the two opposite edges of gold on the stellar disk: they represent the horizon and identify the location of inputs (they — observation posts) Gocek Observatory.

The key to the global astronomical system

But that's not all. Researchers have linked the disk geometry and geography, so to speak, on a global scale.
Nearly two thousand miles to the southeast of Gocek in the Aegean Sea lies the island of Delos. The island is a mountain Quintos, on top of which archaeologists have found exactly the same observatory, as in Gocek. In the days of ancient Greece, Delos was a major religious center with a magnificent temple of Apollo.
The Greek historian and geographer Diodorus in 8 AD. e. wrote of Hyperborea — a country that lies on the far northern edge of the world. The people of this country, Hyperboreans, who are in eternal bliss, enjoyed a special love of Apollo, moves in with him for the winter. They worshiped in the temple of Apollo at Delphi and Delos. Hyperborea famous prophets, they became the founders of many temples and oracles of Apollo. The most famous of these was the Hyperborean Abaris, the prophet and the priest of Apollo. He could do without food and flew on a magic arrow, given to him by Apollo. Researchers do not consider Hyperborea pure invention, suggest that it could be in Iceland or Greenland, where in the past the climate was much more lenient.
Well, it turns out that where the center of the observatory in Gocek a straight line across the south-east exit, then continue it, it will lead us to the temple of Apollo at Delos! Straight line drawn from the center of the observatory in the south-western exit and continued at the same distance as the first to reach the mountain massif of Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, the highest in the Iberian Peninsula. Were there in prehistoric times, the sanctuary and the observatory, will show future research, but it is a place for them seems to be very suitable.
If we continue the straight line joining the Delos and Gocek, in the north-west, it reaches covered with legends sacred Cape Reykjanes in the south-west coast of Iceland, where the Vikings once landed the first, and being extended further, lead us to Greenland …
Currently, the stellar disk of Nebra is the Museum of Primitive Society in Halle, and his trial is ongoing.

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