Mystery of the lost civilization

For 1200 years the dominant culture in Central America were Maya. Only with Los Angeles, the largest industrial center with a population density of about 2,000 people per square mile, you can compare the above civilization.

Researchers, scientists scratching their heads: how big the Maya civilization could disappear so quickly? The death of an integrated system formed associated with the demographic collapse, forcing scientists to think about the possible causes of the incident.

Archaeologist Tom Sever believes that the Maya in their total extinction themselves to blame. He believes that the idea of the Mayan people, living in harmony with nature and its resources, is a false path. Residents left behind empty land and cut down forests.

The population has been great. For all the things that had to survive completely cut out some parts of the forest in order to build planting corn. The need for good-quality building materials and fuel also vozrostaet. Felled timber used for different purposes.

Experts have designed a computer model of what happened, including the case of the absolute destruction of the forest. Because of this, the temperature was increased markedly, and its former abundance of rain disappeared. Consequently, precipitation, less and less water. This led to the "starvation" of the soil and resulted in a shortage of food. According to one theory, these events and caused the disappearance of numerous civilizations.

Ecology may not be the main cause of malnutrition, the death of culture. But its undeniable role in the life of every country, every city, and even settlement is crucial. It probably served as a powerful impetus for the care of the life of this nation.

Together with Maya have sunk into oblivion, many skills, abilities in the arts, architecture and mathematics. , Numerous inscriptions on monuments, in-depth knowledge in the field of agriculture and astronomy.


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