Mystic Clock Czech Republic. Old Town Astronomical Clock

Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague — One of the most famous attractions of the Czech Republic. Around this mysterious mechanism runs an incredible number of legends, dowry and fears of local residents. They believe that if these unique astronomical clock will stop for even a moment, it will lead to tragic consequences for the people of the country.

No one can say exactly when it was created is a mechanical marvel that is the astronomical clock, which include three components: the astronomical dial, showing the position of the moon and sun, as well as various astronomical elements "of the Apostles" with the mechanical figures, set in motion every hour, as well as a calendar dial, responsible for displaying months.

It is still not known even to the author of this object. The official version says: Astronomical Clock made the clockmaker Mikulas of Kadan, based on calculations of mathematics John Schindler, but most have their own, separate opinion. For a long time it was thought that these huge wall clock created a master Hanus.

Also in the present day rumor has it that the hours worked on the creation of the alchemists, astrologers and magicians. Of course, no one will not be able to reliably answer this question, but many in our time trying to get around the mystical side of the Old Town Astronomical Clock, telling them that it is nothing like the devil's eye that looks into the souls of idle onlookers.

Be that as it may, the watch really become a symbol of the stability of the Czech Republic, while their gear was making his slow movement. If they stay, then residents are incredible fear and conduct of the event flew across the country with incredible speed. Almost always followed by the country were hard times.


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