Mystical mysteries of space

Sometimes the astronauts tell strange stories like being on a space station in orbit, are beginning to hear strange noises and see things from the point of view of modern science to explain just can not …

Although the talk, as if even Yuri Gagarin once misspoke, saying that if he was allowed to, he could have a lot of interesting stories to tell about their flight. Yet some of the "forbidden" managed to find Professor Cyril BUTUSOV bit by bit to gather evidence of astronauts.

Sochi is visible even from orbit

"The increase in land-based facilities," said the first U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper, said that while flying over Tibet, he has seen with the naked eye, houses and other buildings. Although it would seem, from a distance of 300 km are completely indistinguishable objects!

But here is the testimony cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov: "Finally I saw today in Sochi. Clearly saw the port and our little two-story house. "

This effect was confirmed by Yuri Glazkov: "We fly over Brazil, suddenly I saw a narrow ribbon highway! And it hurtling bus, like even blue. "

A Georgy Grechko saw and photographed the clouds … "floe", floating in the air. "Sometimes the view from space reveals surprising — told Georgy. — For example, we fly over Mongolia and suddenly see an image of a man …! The size of it — a hundred or even two hundred miles away. Are clearly visible head, coat, legs. We Yuri Romanenko, which then flew, called it "Bigfoot" because it created this giant snow. "

Dog barking in the sky

About the mysterious sounds in space is very poetically described cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov (he died while returning from orbit in 1971, together with Mr. Dobrovolsky and B. Patsaeva. — Ed.): "At the bottom of the Earth's night flying. And suddenly, out of the night came … barking dog. It seemed to me that this is the voice of our Huskies (who died in orbit). And then became distinctly heard a baby crying! And some voices. Explain all of this is impossible. Feel — yes! "

According to the memoirs of the head of an ensemble instrument Vyacheslav Meshcherina, Yuri Gagarin, listening to a concert of the ensemble, said that when he was in orbit, then in his ears sounded very much like music. Later this impression is confirmed by the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

— One time with me and on-orbit strange story — told Georgy Grechko. — When flying over the terrible Cape Horn, where the ancient divides the set of ships, all of a sudden, I had a sense of danger. It seemed that now I would rush back to the tiger. Very eerie feeling, barely got rid of him.

Invisible behind

Sometimes in orbit there is a "presence effect". At some point, astronaut suddenly feels that someone unseen looks him in the back is very hard look. And then the unseen creature makes itself known — is heard whispering. "Text" sounds somewhere in the depths of consciousness like, "You're too early and wrong come here. Believe me, for I am your ancestor. Son, you should not be here, come back to Earth, do not break the laws of the Creator. " And often for the "authenticity" still small voice says, known only astronaut family history connected with this ancestor. Who whispers hundreds of kilometers above the Earth?

— This information was Russian cosmonaut, who asked not to say his name — says Kirill Butusov. — But he assured that he would personally come across such a phenomenon. And he knows that a few people have heard "whispers". And even advanced the fantastic version, saying, "whispers" a stranger to us reason being the product of an alien civilization, using hypnosis, deliberately casts of humanity long ago mastered his own space, "reading" with their conscious and subconscious facts known only to them, — for proof. Hence, by the way, it was another conclusion: Earthlings are long and well known and, while remaining invisible in some way, studying our civilization. Perhaps for millennia.

They turned into dinosaurs

For the first time this phenomenon openly told the International Institute of Space anthropoecology in 1995 as a test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky. It turns out, is not an astronaut in flight had a very wonderful experience. For example, suddenly came out of his usual human form and turned in a literal sense, some kind of animal! Moreover, it is as if "connected" to some information source, and received from him warning of impending emergencies. In the future astronaut continued to feel in a modified form, or reincarnated into a horrible creature. For example, one colleague told Krichevsky a "stay" in the way of the dinosaur …! And it felt like walking along a planet, overcoming gullies and ravines. Astronaut described "their" paws, scales, webbed fingers, huge claws. Back skin he felt the rise horny plates on the ridge. Sometimes, when a person becomes a different person, and could even be an alien.

Many astronauts are personal diaries in flight, including those relating to the mysterious visions. But these unique documents they flatly refuse to publish. They are afraid that they will take over crazy. Different view as a test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky, who believes that it is necessary to carefully examine "fantastic dream-state," as he proposes to call these subtle phenomena. Such research will not only help spaceflight safety, but also, perhaps, priotkroyut veil over the deepest secrets of the universe.


Well, he had read and was formed in the head 2 opinions: either astronauts are really starting to see and hear what they say, connecting, for example, to the information field of the Earth. Either from a lack of communication imagining them all. Something to believe in — lost.


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